My new CycleOps trainer

Hello all

I got a stationary trainer because we are doing some good brick sessions at the track and the pool.

The Tuks triathletes can get a really nice one through CycleOps. You can use it for power training as long as you have a speed sensor and you get a cool climbing block that you can use for some climbing sessions.

I did my 1st session on it and its really nice. The best thing about it is that it is so quiet that my friends who live in the flat beneath me don’t want to kill me coz I am no longer drilling a hole in the ceiling during my trainer sessions.;-)
Another thing that I like about the CycleOps trainer is that there are no cables needed to set the resistance. How it works is the harder you cycle the harder it gets so if you cycle at 10mph it is 100 watts and the faster you go the wattage increases exponentially. I think it is a very nice training tool and now I can kind of train on power. Yes!

Here is a curve that illustrates the speed to power and a photo of my trainer.

Happy training

Keep on 🙂

CycleOps speed to power curve
For more info on the Fluid2 trainer go to the website htt://

My photo


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