South African Triathlon Champs

Hello all

The South African Champs are coming up this weekend and I am looking
forward to it!

This year Triathlon South Africa (TSA) decided to make the race non-drafting for everyone because there are not enough elite athletes for a separate race. So the guys and girls are going all out with their time-trialing equipment -including me! I got a Cervelo P3 TT bike and a
Giro TT helmet thanks to my coach Lindsay Parry. I feel like a real Ironman athlete. Ha ha 😉

The last time I raced with the TT bike my saddle was too low so I ending
up just cycling with my quads. I had a really good cycle leg but that was it for me. Heading out on the run my ITB started to hard so badly it felt
like I was being beaten by axes the entire 10km.

For this weekend’s race I got a longer seat post thanks to Marc Price from
Troisports. It feels so much better!

I think I am in very good form leading into the SA champs. I have been working a lot on my swim, bike and running form and have done a lot of brick sessions that have made me really strong and fast.

So I am going in to the race to race hard and to get top 3 in the u23 elite category. Its not going to be easy as all the athletes are in very good shape, but I am just going to have fun. That’s the important thing about doing any sport

Good luck to everyone who is racing SA champs.

Here is a pic of my TT equipment. Thanx Lindsay. 😉

Keep on 🙂


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