South African Triathlon Champs Race Report

Hello all

I raced the South African Triathlon Champs this weekend at Germiston Lake Victoria.

It was a very strong field. A couple of international athletes were there as well and one of them was Tim Don from the UK- he is the 2006 ITU World Champion. Gavin Nobel from Ireland was also there to race. So it was going to be a hard and fast day.

I started my new warm up routine that consists of: 15min on the bike with 5x1min build, 15min run with 5x30sec build and a 750m swim with 5x50m build. It seems like a very long warm up before a 2hr race but it works.

The start of the race, everyone was in the water and ready to go. The race referees had a problem keeping the guys behind the starting bouy as the guys were really keen to race. Eventually we were off. I had a good start- was swimming in the front of the pack next to Erhard Wolfard, Hendrik de Villiers , Jeff Norton and Gavin Nobel up to the 1st bouy. Then Erhard, Jeff and Hendrik got away. They made about 40sec on us. So Gavin and I pulled the pack for the rest of the swim. I was feeling really strong in the swim leg. We all exited the water together and even Tim Don was in the pack. So I was very pleased to see that so I know my swimming is improving a lot.

I rushed through the transition and headed off for a fast 40km on my Cervelo TT bike. I was keeping the gap between me and the guys. On the second lap I was in 2nd place in the u23 elites. From there on there were about 5 guys who started drafting and I was racing according to the rules that the race was non drafting. They made a big gap quickly. At the end of the bike leg I had lost about 1min30. I got off the bike with Gavin. It seemed to me that I was still in the race to get my top 3 u23 elite. I exited transition with Gavin and he pulled away from me but I was building my pace in the run so I caught him at the end of the 1st lap and went flying passed him. Now I was chasing 1st place. On my second lap Richard Murray went past me and I fell back to 3rd place but I was still chasing Wikus Weber. On my last lap I was catching him fast and my coach Linsay Parry was shouting at me. He was motivating me so I found another gear and I put my head down and was racing to the end. Unfortunately there was not enough time for me to catch Wikus but I ran a faster time than him. I ended up 3rd u23 Elite and I am really pleased with my performance.

Well done to all who raced SAs. And well done to my girlfriend, Robyn Williams who raced very well. Amazing swim- got out the water 3rd overall and finish 3rd in her age group. Proud of you Robs.

Thanx to my mum and sisters who came to support me and to everyone else who shouted for me.

And thanks to God for my race. He has blessed me greatly.

Keep on 🙂


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