2010 Singapore ITU Triathlon Premium Asian Cup

Hello all

After SA champs I was a bit sick so I was forced to take a couple of days off and my training has gone down for a week now. But it was good to take a break after a big race- just to get the mind and the body rested.

I was told this week that I am going to go race the Singapore ITU Triathlon Premium Asian Cup. I need to try and get some ITU points to race World Cups and to get my world ranking up. This is a really good opportunity for me to gain international experience. It is only going to be my 3rd international triathlon ever.

The other athletes who will be going with me are Wikus Weber and Richard Murray- gr8 team mates to go with. The plan is to work together as a team so that we can get the best result for all of us and get a lot of points.

We are leaving on the 8th of April, racing on the 11th and then returning to RSA on the 12th of April. So its going to be a nice short trip.

I am so greatful that TSA are supporting us to go do races internationally. It is going to make a big difference in our performance and the experience that we are going to gain is going to be invaluable. Thank you Triathlon South Africa.

Good luck to Wikus and Richard for their preparation for the race. See you okes on the plane!

God bless

Keep on 🙂


2 thoughts on “2010 Singapore ITU Triathlon Premium Asian Cup

  1. WOOOOHOOOO singapore going to be great. i will ssee you on the plane maat!

    Take a look on FB i have some other Photos of the podium that you can use for your blog!!

    Keep well train hard and stay focused!

    See you thursday 🙂

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