Sweet Potatoes on Steriods

A while ago I went to a friend’s bachelor’s party in the Limpopo province, in a small town called Naboomspryt – which in English means “after tree fountain”.

Conrad Britz and I arrived in Naboomspryt quite late at night and made our way to the game farm where we were staying over. It was really beautiful- real African bush land. The smell at the camp fire was delicious – the best man was making a proper Afrikaans potjiekos.

Some of the guys had gone out for a short “5km or so” mountainbike ride. They had been gone for 3 hours and were not yet back. The others were starting to worry that they were seriously lost so we jumped in the bakkie and went out looking for them. We drove round and round and eventually found them not far from the campsite, but boy were they lost! They were extremely happy to see the car’s headlights. We put the hungry guys in the back of the bakkie and took them back for awesome potjie. We chatted til the early hours of the morning before finally going to our rooms.

The next morning we woke up, had a nice breakfast and then we packed to head back to Pretoria. We said our goodbyes and off we went.

About 5km out of Naboomspryt we started seeing these little vegetable “padstalle” (roadside stalls) selling all sorts of veggies. We drove on until we saw sweet potatoes. Conrad and I both love sweet potatoes. We stopped to have a look. My goodness! These things were enormous! I have never in my life seen vegetables this big. I think that my mouth was hanging open.

We each bought a bag and continued on our drive home. I put some thought into these huge sweet potatoes – a while back the South African government sprayed the towns with DDT to help reduce malaria. It helped with the malaria, but it had some negative effects on pregnant women. So perhaps it is the DDT in the soil that made these sweet potatoes so big.

I was truly amazed at how big they were.

Unfortunately the enormous one went off before I could eat it☹

Here is a picture of the monster sweet potato and a normal sized egg.

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