Triathlon South Africa 2nd Phase Testing

Hello All

 It is good to be back on the net. I will now try and keep my blog updated.

 From 16th to 18th of April we had our 2nd phase of TSA testing to see if we had improved from the last set of tests. It was going to be a hard weekend of testing – we were going to pushed to our limits.

 We started of with a nice rub on the Friday just to see where we are tight. I liked the way this testing was starting but I did not know what was in store for us the next day.

 On the Saturday morning we started with an FMA (Functional Movement Analysis). Here they check out weaknesses in our bodies and movement patterns.

 It was the second test that was the hardest! A 2km run, 12min bike, 2km run as hard as you can possibly go. The worst thing about the test is the mask and type of harness with lots of wires that they put on you. They also constantly prick your finger and ear for blood samples.

I was very happy with my test as I have improved since Jan.

 Running at 19kmh (HR 180 +) 

Cycling (legs are burning like a bonfire) 

The rest of that day we had off. I really need to rest and study for my upcoming test on that Monday.

 The next day we were up and early to start our swim testing at 7am. It is also a really hard test. First we did a warm up: 400m easy, 200m kick (all triathletes hate kicking), 6x50m build.

Then the test starts:

4x50m on 50sec.

3x100m on 1:30

2x200m on 3min


Perhaps it doesn’t look so bad written down, but when you have to do it as hard as you can you hit the wall and you hit it hard.

 My test was good – I had learnt from the previous one not to go out too hard and to try and build into the set.

I ended up averaging 1:12/100m which gives 18:00 for a 1500m. Not too bad but there is still a lot of improvement that is going to happen.

 That was the end of the testing weekend. Thanks to Emma, Lindsey and all the HPC staff who helped. You guys were amazing.

 Happy training

 Keep on 🙂


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