Race Report on the All Africa Triathlon Champs

Hello all

I raced the All Africa Triathlon Champs on Sunday, 9th May. It was a very
windy day in Durban and the sea was rather choppy. As I am a good swimmer
I thought that it would play into my hands, but I hadn’t banked on
blue-bottles messing up my plans.

The race started at 13:30. We were all ready to go and take on the choppy
sea. I had a very good start – as I ran in my timing was good with respect
to the waves or perhaps it was just my long legs that enabled me to run
over them. To the 1st buoy I was in the front pack and it felt easy
swimming with the front guys. When we turned at the buoy I thought that I
was The Little Mermaid, one with the ocean and that a necklace of
blue-bottles would bring out the colour of my eyes. My eyes might have looked a bit bluer, but flip, it burned like fire!
At that point I unfortunately dropped from the pack that I was swimming
with. In the 2nd lap I caught up with a friend, Loy de Jager and swam the
rest of the 1500m with him.

We were about a minute down to the front pack and we rushed through
transition. I thought I might be on the farm with all the thorns that were in the transition area that ended up in my feet. I think that city-living
has allowed my feet to become soft again after having hardened them up as
a youngster running barefoot on the farm.
Loy and I worked hard together on the 1st few laps trying to bridge the gap
up to the group ahead of us, but we were still going slower than they were.
Then Richard Murray caught up to us and from there on we picked up the pace
big time.

I got off the bike with Loy and I thought that I was in for a decent run. I
was feeling okay and was planning on descending over the 10km.
That is when those blue-bottles started to affect me. On the second lap I
started to have difficulty breathing. I stopped, bent over and then
apparently passed out. I do not remember.
It ended up that I had had an allergic reaction to the blue-bottles. That
was the end of my Africa Champs.

I am obviously very disappointed as I was hungry for the title and also very

Well done to the top u23 Elites: 1 Richard Murray, 2 Berndt Burger, 3 Wikus

When I win I will praise God and when I lose I will praise God. So right now
I am praising God. I know that he has good plans for me. As it says is
Jeremiah 29:11: “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord,
“plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a

Keep on 🙂

9 thoughts on “Race Report on the All Africa Triathlon Champs

  1. Ek dink nogsteeds die bloublasies sou goed lyk aan jou 😉 dis rerig ongelukkig dat dinge so moes gebeur het…ons almal weet darm dat een slegte race soos All Africa nie Sy planne sal verander nie!

  2. Theo,

    Well done on your Triathlon career. Some races just seem better than others, but I firmly believe it takes guts to sign up, guts to show up and then complete them. I’m an ametuer competitor. Well done in all of the upcoming competitions. I’m an old Canadian friend of your father’s from DRC in 2001.

    • Hi Richard, (Richard Lott – Canada)

      Thanks for taking the time to have a look at Theo’s Blog. Well apprciated and serves as an insparation to him.

      Keep on with your comments there from Canada, he will value your inputs.



  3. Theo
    Well done on a good race report despite a tough day for you.
    Richard also had a tough time getting to the finish with serious tummy cramps from too much gel taken on the cycle.
    Every day is a new lesson .
    and good luck
    Neville murray

  4. Theo,

    Every race you race there is something to take from that race. It is unfortunate about the allergic reaction but there is still plenty to take out of this race. Analyze and see where you could have done different. If you have the heart your body will follow. Keep strong and blessings

    I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go, I will
    counsel you and watch over you.
    – Psalm 32:8

  5. Hey Plass Japie..
    My cell isent working and i know you are SIRIOUSLY into your black berry,

    We will go to that guy about the Product on Moday ..Maybe tomorrow.

    Lets go run at $pm. That Cool?


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