Hello all.

This article is a short testimony of my life and what Jesus Christ has done for me. So sit back, kick your feet up and enjoy my testimony.

It all started a year ago when I went to the Mighty Men’s Conference in the midlands of Natal at Angus Buchan’s farm called Shalom.

That was where I saw my 1st miricle. I saw 200 000 men praising God and repenting their sins and following Him. That’s were I became a true Christian and made the choice to give God my whole life.

From there on it was God on my throne in my life. I was in the Every Nation Church in Pretoria and I still am. The leaders there discipled me very well and today I am even discipling some of my friends. So praise God for bringing those people into my life.

After I got back from the MMC I picked up a running injury on the inside of my knee. It was very sore, I couldn’t even walk fast. So in that week I went to my weekly connect group where we get together and praise God and learn from the leader. That night I told him that my knee was very sore and he said that they would pray for me. After he prayed for me my knee was better but still sore. The next day I stepped out in faith. I got up and when for a run. The funny thing is that my knee was sore just getting out of bed, but I knew that God had healed me. I went out and started running and you know what it was still sore. I just starting to pray and I said “in Jesus name you are healed.” That was the moment that I realized the power of God. The pain was gone and it never bothered me again. Praise God!!!
Those were just some of the gr8 miracles God has done in my life. God has provided everything I have needed and I am so greatful to him. He is a good God.

For me the best thing what happened with me so far in my life was when we were in Singapore after racing in 39 degree heat and 90% humidity! After my race I went and sat down next to my friend Wikus Weber and both of us were so dihydrated and just over this racing thing. After about 1min Wikus fell over suffering from heat stroke. Well I just saw that the medics were taking care of him so I stood and walked away. After a while some of the people working there came to call me to tell me that Wikus needed me. I made my way to the medic tent and Wikus was lying there on the bed – icepacks on him and fans going all out on him just to cool him down. He said to me these people can’t help me you need to pray for me!! I went on to my knees in front of all these Asian people (only 10% of Singapore is Christian). I put my hand on to his shoulder, closed my eyes and started to pray out loud. After about 10min of hard praying for him his HR dropped and his temperature went down. He sat up and he said to me he is ok and feeling good. I got tears in my eyes because I had just seen what God can do for us. One thing that you need to know- it wasn’t me that had the power that healed Wikus. It was GOD using me to heal Wikus. That was the part of my life that put my heart on fire for God.

If you just believe that God can save you then you will be saved. He is faithful and just and he will forgive our sins and purify us from all sins because he is a good God.

So if you don’t believe in God just read my short testimony again. Just look at what God has done for me. The good news is that He will do it for all of us. Why? Because he loves us. So just trust God, follow him, believe in him and I promise you, your life will change in a very good way.

I am going to end off with this special scripture that means so much for me because this is what God did for us. Yes, you and me.

John 3:16
“For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.”

Praise God and keep on 🙂

3 thoughts on “Miracles

  1. dankie theo!!!

    gaan kyk bietjie Isaiah 48:10-11. this is what you were made for – He will make you “an oak of righteousness for the display of His Splendor”.

    klink of dit goed gaan, but offcourse 🙂

  2. Hi Theo,

    What an inspiration by reading your testimonies. Being a Christian and belief in God ensures that your whole life is a miracle. Your testimony brought tears to our eyes, not of sadness, but of joy. Yes anything is possible by just believing in our Lord and Saviour.

    Reading your blog reminds me of all difficulties in life that is placed on our path on earth. Reminding me of the time where I lost my business due to a scrupulous fraudster that bought the business and never paid a dime. Yes taking away everything that you have worked for in a flash, influencing not only our livelihood but yours as well. This is proof that God will give you everything you need, but can take everything away within seconds, forcing you to ask the question WHY?.

    The answer is very SIMPLE. Return to GOD and place everything in His hands. After losing everything, we had to work hard and asked HIM to guide us through this process. This meant that we had to work hard and trust in HIM to pick us up from even below ground Zero. For months we battled, working up till 2 – 3 o’clock in the mornings, not knowing when and how will be able to pay the bills and responsibilities.

    It even got worse when we were struck with a very serious illness, but we trusted in God to take us through it. We had to start a new business just to survive with the bare essentials. Even selling furniture to stay afloat. Gladly we trusted in GOD to take us through this troubled times and we are now, after approximately two years, reaping the benefits. By trusting in HIM we are now only starting to become in a position where we are able to survive with HIS hand and we trust that HE will guide us through this bad economic climate that we are in.

    Therefore we belief in miracles, we belief in HIS strength and HIS love, just as you do. Theo, being a Christian Sportsman, reading what God has done for you, you are a true inspiration to others in the strength of GOD. Being a TRI-Athlete for GOD, you will be able to be an instrument to touch people’s lives, just as you have touched ours.

    We pray that GOD will take you to the highest level in your career as a sportsman and that through that you will always be an ambassador for GOD. We are so proud in what you have achieved in your life and trust and know through God’s Grace that you will be a living testimony of HIS power and strength.

    GOD Bless and we trust that your trip to Europe will be a platform where you will excel as a Christian Sportsman for the world to see and that you will inspire other athletes to turn to GOD.

    We love you in Jesus Christ, our savoir.

    Dad and Veronica

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