Upcoming European Season

Hello all

Thank you for all the great comments. Please post more more. It’s really good to see that people are enjoying reading my blog. 🙂  

The racing has gone down a bit as the triathlon season is over in RSA- now it starts overseas. I will be leaving on the 31st of July 2010 for 6 weeks of very hard racing in the whole of Europe, to get some international experience and ITU points. I will post my race schedule as soon as it has been confirmed. I am really looking forward to it, it will be good experience for me. It’s going to be hard and fast racing, but I love it!

We are training very hard at the moment for this European season; we would like to be as ready as possible for the coming hard weeks of intense racing. My team mate Richard Murray is training with me at the HPC in PTA. It is good for me to have him here, he is a really good rabbit on the running. Well he is more like a gazelle (he is VERY FAST!!!). He recently ran his PB on a 10km at the SA Duathlon champs (31:04)- so you can see what I am up against. I am a human and he is an animal! No, it’s really nice to train with him

I am really keen to go overseas, as it is getting really cold here. It’s not cool to go and cycle when just your eyes are sticking out and the rest is covered with as much clothing as possible.

Happy training to all and God bless. Keep on 🙂


3 thoughts on “Upcoming European Season

  1. Hey mate

    Firstly great blog keep up the great work:-)
    Secondly thanks for being a real friend/training partner
    You really make things more fun 🙂

    Looking forwards to comming with u over seas!
    Going to be a big learning curve as every1

    Keep humble and keep being a great friend!

    See u in the pool just nw!


  2. Hi Theo,

    WOW, a great Blog. If I may say I’m bragging with your blog as far as Canada. One of my friends (Richard Lott) I met in the DRC in 2001 is also a great sportsman and I forwarded your blog particulars to him. Very nice of him to comment and motivate you.

    Be of the assurance that we will have a look on the blog on a daily basis what you up to….lol……

    We look forward in monitoring your moves in all the upcoming events. I do have a feeling GOLD is in sight.

    Keep on training hard, keep on WINNING hard. GOLD is only one step away.

    You are such an inspiration on all walks of life.

    So proud of you, Love Dad and Veronica

  3. Morning
    It will happen, the results will come – enjoy the journey to the top. Enjoy the training – give it all at all times. Make each session count! No wasted miles.
    Thinking of you and praying for you. Never stop loving what you do while glorifying God. You are such a great example and inspiration to all! Fondness, Viv

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