Triathletes are hardcore

Hello all

It has been bitterly cold in Pretoria lately with temperatures
dropping below -5 degrees. The cold weather makes training really
miserable. It takes a lot of will power to drag yourself out of your
warm bed and onto your bike or to the pool to stand in a skimpy

Lately we have been training in the morning, defrosting and then
sitting in front of the TV to watch the Soccer World Cup. The
vuvuzelas have been making a lot of noise lately and there has been an
absolutely fantastic vibe in Pretoria ========<( ) o0o0o0o0o0o0

Training wise I am in the thick of my preparations for my Euro trip.
All 3 disciplines have improved since the beginning of the year,
especially my running.

I now know what races I will be doing while in Europe:
Tiszaujvaros World Cup, Hungary – 8 August
Geneva European Cup, Switzerland – 15 August
Karlovy Vary European Cup, Czech Republic – 22 August
Kedzierzyn European Cup, Poland – 29 August
Ending off with the World Championships in Budapest – 12 September

We will be based in Radovljica, Slovenia where I will be training with
all the other high performance athletes. I am very excited to train
with all the best South African athletes and to gain lots of

Have a good weekend
Keep on 🙂

Here are some photos of me doing some hardcore training in the cold!!! 😉


3 thoughts on “Triathletes are hardcore

  1. Hello Theo
    Great to hear your training is going so well. Keep it that way. Days are hot here in Wales, daylight only ends after 10pm. It is ideal to be in Europe during their Summer. You are going to love it!
    God bless, Viv

  2. Hi Theo,

    WOW freezing is not the word, Global climate change into an ice-period here in the Free State. Bitterly cold, though some warmth with the World Cup, even only if the vuvuzela’s could warm up the area, it would be nice. Yesterday morning I went out to a client at 06h00 and it was a freezing -7 degrees.

    Great to see that your training is going well and that you can beat the cold with God’s Grace. By just reading your blog I can see that God does have a great plan with you through triathlon, not only here in South Africa, but I believe that He is sending you to Europe to be an ambassador for his Word and Grace.

    We pray and belief that your preparations for the trip will go according plan and that you will experience a great and fruitful trip over there. Be of the assurance that we will be monitoring your blog every day whilst you in Europe. Please update it on a regular basis on your excursions in Europe.

    God Bless, yes keep on smiling 🙂 and note that God has Blessed you so much with your talent. Praise Him for that.
    Dad & Veronica

  3. Hi Theo

    We are so excited that you are getting to opportunity to go and race Internationally. Your schedule looks really hectic. May you enjoy the great experiences that you will have and may you get the results you so richly deserve.
    We are so proud of you and know that you will make yourself and SA proud.
    It’s been wonderful to see Robs in Cape Town.
    Lots of love

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