My pink SARIS Bones 3 bike rack

My Pink Bike Rack

CycleOps gave me a nice pink bike rack. Yes, you read right – a pink one.

Some say it will bring out the colour of my eyes. Some say it will bring out my feminine side, but I don’t think that is true. Well, like my mum says now the cars will see me so my bike will be safer on the back of my car. 

The nice thing about the rack is that you can fit it on any car. I think it will even fit on a donky cart!The other day I stopped at the traffic light and there was a guy in the car next to me and he couldn’t stop looking at my car. The whole day I wondered about this until I realised that he had been looking at the bike rack.I think the pink is cool for girls, but not so sure if it suits my hardcore personality! 

There is a reason that the bike rack is so very pink – it is for a good cause. It says on the box: “Support more then your bike with this cause-conscious Bones rack. $5.00 from each sale will go to Brest Cancer research. For details visit”

My attitude towards the pink rack changed after I read that. The next time that a guy looks at me strangely because of the colour of my bike rack I will smile back proudly. 

Thanks to CycleOps for the cool pink Bones bike rack.

Keep on 🙂

and remember that this seasons colour is pink!!!!Here is a photo of my pimping pink Bones bike rack.

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