Now that the Soccer World Cup is over we have the HPC back for all our training. Everything is back to normal, so happy for that.

The HPC is making a DVD about all the facilities that they offer athletes from all over the world and I was asked to be part of it. I had to run on the new Woodway treadmill. This treadmill is so big it looks like they test horses at the HPC. This is as close as I will ever get to Hollywood for my acting career. They strapped me up with all the equipment for a VO2 MAX test even though I would only be running at 11km/h. This was where the acting came in: I needed to look as though I was running all out. That was the hardest part of the filming- trying to look as though I was running at max. After about 10min of running I was done; I just wish all VO2 MAX testing was that easy. Thanks to the HPC for giving me the opportunity to pursue my acting career, but I think that I should stick to triathlon. Acting is not for me.

Here is a photo of me in action.

4 thoughts on “HPC DVD

  1. Theo they were experimenting with a new inhalation drug, for hyperactive people. It needs to be inhaled during exercise, a state of hyperactivity, to be effective.
    Remember how fatigued you felt after session? Thanks for being part of our drug trial.
    The Bayer R&D Team.

  2. Hi Theo,

    WOW, knew there is some other talent too!!!!!. Well seeing you grow up as a little naughty boy on the farm near Zeerust , I knew there was some acting blood in you, meaning “ACTION” was your name of the game.
    Well, congrats with the “BOLLYWOOD”, this might bring you in contention for a HOLLYWOOD Oscar.
    But knowing you is that no Hollywood film will influence your ability to be a MEGA STAR on the track. You have Hollywood status already in Triathlon.
    Looking forward in seeing your DVD and the “Acting” on a treadmill 🙂
    I hope all is well with your preparations for you trip abroad. We know that GOD gave you the gift to perform well and be an ambassador for Him over there. Your faith is so strong it has SUPER STAR status in the eyes of your creator. That is why He is blessing you with your successes. We all know that He is going to take you to the highest level on your upcoming trip.
    Belief in Him, his faith and His way of letting things happen for you, even though you being on a DVD for HPC.
    We are so proud that you can live the dream with His guidance.
    God Bless.
    Dad and Veronica

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