I am all ready and packed for my Europe trip (well almost). It was a hard and cold end to my winter training block. I couldn’t be happier with how I have improved from the beginning of the year. It is so nice when you work so hard and you can see the improvement in your training. But I need to say that it is not easy to drag yourself out of your warm bed in the freezing cold and go suffer 4-6 hours of training every day. The getting out there is hard, but I honestly enjoy every minute of the training.

My running training has been going very well. I have been doing some crazy track sessions lately. My hardest track session that I have ever done in my life was a week ago. It started off like this: 4x1000m, 2x2000m and to end off a killer set I did a 4km that caused me the most pain I have ever felt in running. My body was so sore after that session it felt like a 10 ton truck has driven over me and then reversed only to repeat that about 5 times. This is just one of the crazy sets that I have been doing. My coach Lindsey Parry didn’t care if I was dying or if I was already dead. He just said, “Bru, that’s good running”. Thanks to Lindsey for being there when I was dying and when I was dead he was there to pick me up and say “Good session”.
This past week I did my 3km time trial and I am getting faster every time I do it. I ran a 9:26 in a big wind.

I will be leaving the country tomorrow night. I will first spend a week at our training base in Slovenia and will prepare for my first World Cup race in Tisaujvaros, Hungary. It’s going to be a hard opening race for me but I believe I am ready.

I will try my best to keep my blog updated and you can follow me on twitter (TheoBlignaut)

Thanks for all the support. I will race hard over there.

Keep on 😉

Here is a photo from today’s mini tri brick session


6 thoughts on “EUROPE HERE I COME

  1. BOET!!! im already here where are you?? haha im keeping a place in my room for you mate, we going to train hard over the next few weeks 🙂 9:25!! wow. Mate you have improved.. See ya on wednesday!

  2. Hi Theo,

    I told you that you will be ready and WOW did your time improve!!!!!!!!.

    We will follow you on Twitter and want to see what you up to. Making the eyes “roll” of all your competitors by saying…… “who is this BOET from South Africa….???????”

    It is good to see that your other buddies are there waiting for you and that Richard Murry is keeping your room ready for you. That is camaraderie that means everything for you as a team member.

    I’m of the opinion that this is your time and place in the “Lime Light” over there and that you will have the success you need now to elevate you to the highest level in the upcoming completions.

    But……….. and a very Huge BUT……… Remember that GOD gave you this talent and that He is the one making it possible for you.

    So NEVER, NEVER forget that He is the one to take the GLORY and appraisals. You are only His instrument.

    Give HIM the appraisal and He will Bless you a million times over there.

    Use this time to enjoy HIS gift to you and Praise him with every splash in the water, every kilometre on the bike and every stride in the running, and Most of all, crossing the finish line in Glory to Him and only to Him.

    We pray to Him that you will have a safe flight to Europe, safe training sessions, safe competitions and most of all be an ambassador for HIM through your sport and everything you do over there.

    God bless and congratulations. We wish you all of luck and prosperity on your trip. Make this one yours BOET!!!!!!!!

    We Love you.
    Dad and Veronica.

  3. Hi seun ek sal darem graag daar wil wees vir jou eerste World Cup sal dit probeer volg op internet. Weet dit sal goed gaan, jy het baie hard gewerk en uitgestyg bo alles wat dalkies n hick up was. Dit lekker om te weet jy is in die Here se hande en beter versekering is daar nie, ek weet HY sal jou elke oomblik oppas. Go Theo Go! Mafikeng wag en hou die TV dop.

  4. Like Winston Churchill said: History will be kind to me for I intend to write it. do every training set, every race with the expectancy to improve. Stay positive. You will have a good season in europe and you will learn a lot. Enjoy it over there.
    And I am sure that he who began a good work in you will complete it. – Philippians 1:6

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