Radovljica, Slovenia My New Home For 7 Weeks

Hi all

After a long 20hr trip we finally arrived at our training base
Radovljica, Slovenia. When we got here it was pouring down with rain.
It was so nice to see water falling out of the sky again. I just
wanted to jump out of the bus and baptize myself, coming from Pretoria
I haven’t seen rain in months now.

I woke up the next day nice rested from the long travel. All the
athletes went for an amazing swim in the 50m swimming pool. When you
look up to the clock you see forest and mountains surrounding us. Now
that’s the way to start a day of training!
I was very glad to see that my bike had made the trip in one piece and
that my CycleOps power meter is working.

I didn’t join the group for a ride as I am keeping to my usual
training program and also trying to be a bit rested for this weekend’s
race. I just took my bike out to have a look at the town. Then in the
afternoon I went for a run along the river.

We going to be here until Friday and then we head of to Tiszaujvaros,
Hungary were I am going to race my first World Cup. I am so keen to
race now.

It’s so hard not to go out and train in the amazing mountains before
my big race this weekend. Oh well, I still have 7 weeks here to do all
the training that I want.

Here are some photos of my new town and my house.

Keep on 🙂


3 thoughts on “Radovljica, Slovenia My New Home For 7 Weeks

  1. Hi Theo,

    Glad you arrived safely at your “New Home” Glad to see that you did not take the winter over there.

    I got some news from Canada for you to read:

    Richard Lott has send you this message:

    “Wow, I just spent the last hour reviewing Theo’s site and pictures. Looks and sounds as though he’s ready for the 8th. I’ll be keeping an eye on how he does from here in Canada. Please wish him all the best on not just the upcoming race but all of them.

    By the way, nice bike he’s got there, and who is Trompie the pup?


    Well good to see that the world is looking up to you. Well it is only in your hands now. Train well and give it your best. Remember you do have an International FAN club now.

    Chat to you later.



  2. Hey hey! Bly jy’s veilig daar! Dit lyk regtig awesome! Ek hou duimvas vir die naweek ek weet dit sal goed gaan!

    Love you!

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