My 1st ITU World Cup, Tiszaujvaros, Hungary.


Our long journey began on Friday morning at 3:45 when we departed from our training base in Slovenia.

It was a long 10hr bus trip to the small town in Hungary that loves triathlon. When we arrived the vibe was just pumping and all the townspeople were so amped. I was getting so excited for my 1st World Cup race and the idea of racing with the big boys.

My race got off to a good start; I was standing next to a Russian and when we hit the water I saw this speed boat start accelerating so I threw my ski rope around him and enjoyed the ride. I held on until about 50m to the first buoy and then I dropped off his feet, I just next to the big pack of guys. Around the first buoy was chaos as usual as I just got feet and elbows in the face. I was in the top 25 at the start of the second lap. During the second lap I slowed down a bit, but I pretty much held my position and exited the water in the top 30.

I was happy to be in the front pack on the bik and I just made sure I was in the top 20 guys to stay out of the chaos of the big pack. 5 guys made a break pretty early on and pretty much all the groups joined together to make a huge pack of 60 athletes. I was very comfortable on the bike- the only time that I got a bit nervous was during the last lap where everyone wants to get to the front for a fast T2. I was close to the front of the group when I dismounted, had a quick transition and off I went on my 10km run. The front guys seemd to go off extremely quickly, but that was the pace that they would hold for the whole run.
I just settled into a rhythm and I was building the pace and started reeling in some of the athletes. On my second lap I saw my number on the penalty box which meant that I had been given a 15 second penalty. You can choose when you want to take the penalty and as I was starting to cramp in my left hamstring I decided to stop then and stretch it out while taking the penalty. It seemed to work pretty well as I then bolted off and ran my fatsest ever 10km in a triathlon. It turned out that quite a few of the guys had received penalties for mounting their bikes before the bike mount line.

I was extremely happy with result. It seems as though the last 5 months of training have really paid off. The best thing about the race was that I had so much fun and enjoyed the entire race. i think the reason that I enjoyed it so much was that I just went out to praise God and thank him that I was able to race.

Here are my results and the results of the other South Africans who raced over the weekend. Congratulations to all of them.

17 Claude Eksteen RSA 01:50:16 :18:26 00:59:29 00:31:35
53 Theo Blighaut RSA 01:52:32 00:18:31 00:59:26 00:33:47
61 Wikus Weber RSA 01:54:20 00:18:42 00:59:16 00:35:31

It is back to training this week before heading off to Switzerland for a European Cup race. I hope to enjoy that race as much as I did this some!

Thanks to all of you who were supporting me from South Africa. I heard you all the way in Hungary:)

Keep on 🙂

Jesus Loves you


11 thoughts on “My 1st ITU World Cup, Tiszaujvaros, Hungary.

  1. So very proud of you. Nice blog. You have to be so tough to cope with the feet and elbows. Never did really enjoy that part of racing. Must be so hectic in the mens race! You seem so hungry for results. Stay that way. It will be worth it, the rewards are sure to come. Stay patient and continue to work hard ALL the time. Well done. Viv

  2. Awesome Theo! praise to God. We are going to try to use some of your photos if that is ok with you. keep going strong,and keep believing!

  3. Great job Theo.

    I was trying to follow your results here in Canada, but had some tech difficulty. Your Dad was able to get me on line yesterday with your race results. Well done. Your write up was as exciting to me as if I were there watching from the side lines. Keep it up and good luck in the European Cup Race.


  4. hey, hope you beat that old dude with the camera? it looks like he is hitting the wall in the photo. Very silly of him to race with a camera.

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