Race Report on ETU Cup in Geneva, Switzerland.

A cold, miserable race in Switzerland 😦

We departed Radovljica on Friday morning in a crazy European thunder shower. The drive to Geneva took us 10 hours and we drove past some picturesque scenery in Italy and France before arriving in Switzerland.
We were staying in a very nive hotel close to the race venua. It was nice to be able to relax and just concentrate on the race.

We arrived quite late afternoon/ evening and immediately went down to the amazingly clear lake for a swim. The water was pretty cold- I get cold very quickly most probably because I am just skin and bones.
I enjoyed swimming in the lake with the swans, ducks and some very big fish. I had great fun during my swim, but didn’t enjoy getting cold.

Race day:
Woke up in the morning and looked ou the window to see what the weather was doing. The roads were wet, but it had stopped raining. Had a good breakfast- put in lots of fuel for the race.

As I was packing all my race gear before leaving the hotel the heavens just open up and God blessed Geneva with rain.
That night the water temperature had dropped below 20 degrees and so it would be a wetsuit swim, which is not an advantage to a good swimmer.
I arrived at race venue, racked my bike and set my transition area up. Then I went for my normal warm up routine.

Warmed up and ready to go. Off we went in to the clean lake. I think the swans and fish got a fright when 77 athletes went running and splashing into their lake.
The first lap of the swim was okay for me as I was in the front pack, but as I went for my second lap I was really freezing. My teeth were chattering violently and slowly I dropped all the way to the back of the second pack.
I got out the water way back and I made my way to my bike shivering all the way.
Out on the bike and I was all by myself in the freezing cold rain. I thought that I may as well make the race into a hrad brick session as I was already out of the race being so far back.
I got so cold on the bike that I was struggling to change gears and pull the brakes. It was not cool!
On the 3rd lap, just over the hill, I got a puncture so I was forced to stop. That was the end of my race or should I say training session.
I started the long walk back to the transition area. I was so icy cold and now my teeth were chattering as though I was using a jack-hammer. My whole body was shaking. Luckily a van came by and picked me up. Back at the start I met Emma, the HP manager, she saw me shivering on my way to her and she went and got me something warm to eat and I felt a bit better after that.
I went back to the hotel for a shower and stood in it for about 40min just trying to defrost. I was so pleased to see my fingers and toes as I thought I had lost them along the road.
Oh well, that was one of those days that you can do nothing about. You just try and learn as much as you can from the experience and maybe now I will cope better with a cold race.

You know what I say: “Praise God when you win and praise God when you lose”.

Well done to Richard Murray who finshed 24th and Carlyn Fischer 20th. I am proud of you. Well done.

Keep on 🙂

Sorry i dont have photos of the race but here is some of me training in Geneva.

2 thoughts on “Race Report on ETU Cup in Geneva, Switzerland.

  1. Some days are good and others bad! Guess yesterday wasent your good day man!
    Keep focused on the big race in September, these races are just stepping stones towards worlds.

    HAHA i may as well be talking to you , but this in fact is for others to read!

    Better luck next time maat 🙂

  2. Hi Theo,
    WOW we were so worried what happened to you during the race. Well as your rightly say that this is part and parcel of your preparation for the World Cup in September.
    I just shows you how much you have gained through all your experiences in all these races. This is just a stepping stone to the BIG one. I still wonder if there is a tyre that is THEO PROOF …… 🙂
    You do have the ability to drive directly to that sharp piece on the road ….. 🙂 just for the fun of it. i think…:)
    Yes you so right to praise the Lord on all your endeavours, those you win and those you don’t win. It is only HIS blessing that you can experience HIS love and care during good and bad times.
    Well put everything behind you and focus for this weekend’s race. Stack in the pasta’s and “Warmth” for the next race.
    We know that you will use this experience as a learning and building curve for the Big One.
    God Bless.
    (NS: Thanx Richard in supporting Theo all the way)
    Keep on 🙂

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