World Triathlon Champs

Hello All

After a lot of travelling and racing around the whole of Europe we are back into heavy training and preparation for World Champs. My legs were pretty broken after all this and they were sore in training, but I bounced back after a couple of days .

So far training has been very good and I can feel that all 3 disciplines are moving forwards and upwards – that makes me very happy.
A good tool to measure my progress is my CycleOps Power Tap. It has made a huge difference in my training. I feel very controlled and smooth on the bike. A big thanks to CycleOps for this fantastic gadget.

My running has been going well, but I still have a lot off work to do and this is going to take time.
I have been doing some killer track sessins, which is really good for triathlon because when you get off the bike you need to run with broken legs for 10km. It takes a lot of concentration and I think this is one thing that I am lacking.
I struggle to concentrate in class for 50min and all I had to do was sit there and my heart rate was not 180 beats per minute – unless there was a pretty girl in the class:) haha
We’ve had fantastic weather the entire time that we have been here, then all of a sudden, over night the cold has descended on us and it is now freezing here.
The mountains around us were white with snow – very beautiful, but very cold.
The morning after it snowed we did a hard cycle session. It was so icy cold and the temperature was as low as 5 degrees. The mountain on which we did our repeats was totally covered in thick mist and we couldn’t see 5m in front of us.
Here is a picture of the mountains close to were we are:


I have been very happy with my performances while I have been here in Europe as it is only my first time really competing against the best triathletes.
Our qualifier for World Champs was Africa Champs and you might remember that I was stung by blue bottles and passed out on the second lap of the run due to having an allergic reaction to the blue bottles. This meant that I didn’t get a slot to race u23 Elite at World Champs and I was going to have to race in my age category at Worlds.
TSA applied for a wild card for me and I waited- and waited.
I was so chilled about it, “rustig” is the best way to describe it, because I knew that God was in control of everything and hHe will do what He knows is best for me.
Then last week Emma got an email for ITU and I got a wild card!
I was so extremely happy, totally over the moon.
The lesson that I learnt from this is that God keeps His Word and He is Good. Like it says in PSALMS 37:4 “Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart.”
Man! That is so pwerful.
I don’t know about you, but the first time that I read that it blew my mind. So yes, God is good and He gives you what your heart desires, but first you must obey him. He is just and He will save you like He saved me.
My heart is on fire for Him. If you are not on the Jesus train then I invite you to get on and I promise you that you will never regret it. The best thing is that it is FREE, so come, get on and enjoy the ride.

One week to go to the biggest race of the year. This is the race where you work so hard that you throw up when you are done. You take the pain and you grit your teeth because this is the dream that you have worked so hard for.
So now I just need to pull everything together and learn from all my experiences and put it into practice.
The most important thing is to trust God and praise him all the way.

I have learnt so much being overseas these past couple of weeks. I have absolutely loved every moment of it.
Thank you to TSA for the opportunity that you gave me to represent my country. I will be proud to put on my SA kit next week.

I must say that when World Champs are over I sure am going to be looking forward to getting back to South Africa. That is where my roots are and where the big five are that is where I call home. The best place in the world- South Africa.

Keep on trusting in God and keep the faith because God’s glory is only a prayer away.

Always keep on 🙂

4 thoughts on “World Triathlon Champs

  1. WOW, what an inspiring message Theo.

    That is the only words I have for you. You are such an inspiration that it is mind boggling to see you grow and grow and grow.

    We are so proud to see your progress, not only in Triathlon but in your Spiritual growth as well. In fact we know that with His guidance that you will experience a wonderful time over there.

    My friends in Canada, South Africa, Botswana, India, England and USA is following your progress like a hawk. Thanks to them as well for their support.

    Have a great training session this week and we will see you and look out for you the weekend.

    PS: Seen you on TV yesterday – very nice Keep on 🙂

    Dad and Veronica

  2. Awesome message.
    Wishing you a ‘flying’ race on Saturday. Rest up this week! I don’t need to tell you just how very important this race is! Wish we were with you.

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