Bad Crash On My Second Day Back At Training

Warning: if you don’t have a strong stomach do not look at the photos.
After a nice holiday in Cape Town and a long 3 week rest I arrived back in PTA to start my new training phase – base training. My second training session back was a easy 2hr bike ride. I didn’t know that I would never see the end of that 2hr ride. On the way back from my ride and enjoying to be back on my bike, but feeling so unfit and fat (I picked up 5kg over the 3 week break, but not to worry I will drop it off in 2 weeks easily). When I got over the hill at the Voortrekker monument there is a lump of tar that you can’t see and the funny thing is that I know it’s there and I have seen one of my friends fall there. Well guess what- it was my turn to eat some tar. Yes, you are reading right- I ate tar. I hit the lump and went face first in to the tarmac. After that I was out. I remember nothing. My two training buddies Wian Sullwald and Rudolf Naude apparently said that I kept on asking them to take photos and I just kept on asking them over and over. You see I was very concerned that I have some good photos for my blog readers. I can’t remember that at all. I was there but I wasn’t. The first thing I remember was sitting next to my coach Lindsey in his car when he picked me up to take me to the hospital.
Well my two buddies took some photos like I asked them. Here is a photo just after my tar eating crash:

Yes that’s me. I don’t remember that at all, but I was still smilling . 🙂

When I arrived at the hospital I was taken up by the nurses and they starting to clean me up. This I also don’t remember. Lindsey told me that I said to them: “laat ons nou mekaar mooi verstaan, ons gan nie mekaar seer maak nie hoor.” The English translation is: “let’s make sure we understand each other, we are not going to hurt each other okay.” I also don’t remember this, but it is something that I would say.

After all the cleaning up I came around and saw that I was all bandaged up and that the doctor was working on my face and putting some stitches in my eyebrow, check and chin. After that I went for xray to check if anything was broken. I was ery lucky that nothing was broke. Praise the Lord

I am proud to say that I walked out the hospital – but I was very sore and bruised. Like Lance Armstrong said “pain goes away but quitting last forever” and I am telling you I am surely not quitting.
Here is another photo of me after the crash in the hospital.
Thanks for all the support from everyone and all the prayers. God is busy healing me quickly. I will be back in training in no time. Remember keep on 🙂 even when you come off your bike and eat tar. 🙂


3 thoughts on “Bad Crash On My Second Day Back At Training

  1. Hi Theo
    Although you don’t know me at all, having just joined TSA as office executive, I received your blogon the TSA mail address and viewed the pics of your fall.

    So sorry that you had such a bad experience. Will pray for your speedy recovery!


    Stef Joubert

  2. Hello Theo,
    We just so glad and blessed that it was not too serious, though must say that it is a bad fall, the worst I have seen you in any accident. Praise the Lord that He protected you.
    We wish you a speedy recovery and we know you will get well soon.
    I had my first bike exercise in a few years this morning with a friend and we did about 20 km’s and wow I’m unfit and the backside is so sore.
    Well I have to do something with my fitness on doctor’s orders for my leg. It went well though when I was told that I have to exercise my leg, the only thing I thought of is being on a bike. Thinking that you will be very frustrated if you had to bike with me.
    So the “outoppie” took your advice. Keep on smiling 🙂 and I must say it worked for me.
    So watch out, you have competition on the bike soon from a veteran…. 🙂
    Get well soon and keep on smiling 🙂

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