Race report on the BSG Triathlon series at Vaal

Four weeks after my crash and training is starting to go well again. I am loving it more than ever now, praise God for that.

The Vaal Energade was my second race after my crash and my fitness level was much higher than it was at Midmar, but I was also more tired going into the race as I had been training harder.

It was an extremely hot day at the Vaal River, very nice conditions for a race. The water was over 22 degrees and so it was a non-wetsuit swim.
We started on the banks of the river and first went downstream; we turned at about 300m and came back upstream to the swim exit. I didn’t have a great swim- I was about 20 seconds down from the front guys, but it was still better than my swim at Midmar.

The bike was a fast, flat route and our group worked well together. We were rolling through nicely. At the turn around point a bee flew into my mouth and the guys got very upset with me for not rolling through, but flip, I was trying to get the bee out without getting stung! They understood when I told them what had happened.

We almost caught the front guys- close, but no cigar! I had a good T2 and went out running as fast as I could. My legs were very tired after a hard weeks training, but I ran okay with all things considered. I was able to take 6th place in the open category.

Now it is on to the Pretoria Africa Cup this weekend, then the Energade final in Cape Town and my final race for the year will be the Mauritius Africa Cup.

Thanks for all the support. It is great to be back in the game!

I dont have a photo of me at the race, but here is one of me in full on training at the track. Next to me is my coach Lindsey Parry keeping me company. Thanks Bru!!!! 🙂

I got a nice pohto of me raceing at vaal. with me in this photo is Hendrik de villiers who ran the fastest run split for the day. well done ou maat.


2 thoughts on “Race report on the BSG Triathlon series at Vaal

  1. Hi Theo,

    I wonder……. I think you so sweet that the bees love you too. 🙂 Well just keep on training harder and harder and zip the mouth for bees no more 🙂

    Look forward to your sleep-over with us in Bloemfontein.

    Keep in 🙂 and keep the bees away 🙂

    Love you

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