Race Report on the ATU Africa Cup in Pretoria

I have had some bad luck these past few months and just to top it off this year I had some more bad luck in the race last weekend. Well these thing happen and they happen for a reason. You might not know the reason, but you will find out in the future. It was a big challenge having all this bad luck in the past 2 months. Do you give up or do you carry on? I know what I do – I pick myself up, dust myself off and shout as loud as I can “Is this all you’ve got?” And you keep on going on and on and on and you keep on hoping and hoping you will see light in the end of the darkness.
Ok I guess you want to know what happened in my race?

Here goes…
It was a very hot day in Pretoria, it was going to be one of those days you just want to get it done with and survive the ordeal. I did all my preparation before the race and was feeling good about this one. We were lined up and called out to the water. It was so nice to be back and hear my name called out. Pete, the commentator, said “Good to see you back”. I felt like I was born again. All of us were in the water and then we were off. I had a good start, we all were still together after the 1st lap, but then we started to split up a bit and the guys started to swim very skew. I really need to teach them to swim in a straight line.
I exited the water next to my friends Hendrik de Villiers and Matija Lukina from Croatia. In front of us the Wolf, Erhard Wolfhardt. I didn’t have a good run out to the road and I lost a bit time there. I got on to the bike with Matija and started to ride hard. After about 1.5km my gears were jumping up and down and Matija was getting upset because I wasn’t rolling with him. I was forced to stop when my chain went in to my wheel and I needed to get it out, now I had lost lots of time. By now the third chase pack had bridged up to me and I was cycling with them.
About 500m later my chain and my rear derailleur went into my spokes, my tire popped and ripped the whole tire of the rim. That was the end of my race.
I was so flipping upset
I was about 5km from the venue so I had to walk all the way back barefoot and the tar was boiling hot. By the time I got back to the start I had done a lot of thinking and praying and I was at peace. All I can say is that these things happen and they only make you stronger.
The Afrikaans people have a nice expression for hang tough, it is “byt vas.”
I was once told by a great guy that “where the mind goes the body will follow”

Never give up. You don’t know where the light is. It might be just around the next corner.

I’m racing in Cape Town next at the final of the BSG Energade Triathlon Series. Then it’s the Africa Cup in Mauritius and then I return to Stellenbosch for some training with the best triathletes in the world.

Keep on 🙂


One thought on “Race Report on the ATU Africa Cup in Pretoria

  1. Hi Theo,

    Yip, “BYT VAS BOETA”

    Thanks for stopping over here in Bloemfontein on your way down to Cape Town. We loved it and it was good to see you and Robyn. Hope the Seafood platter wasn’t toooooooooo big, though should give you some strength for this weekend’s race.

    Great to see how you are really putting in everything you have and see your sprit in all you do, with such commitment and strength from above. You and Robyn are truly an inspiration for all and an ambassador for your country and for our Lord.

    We hope this weekend will be a great race for both of you and that you will have a great Africa Cup in Mauritius.

    Keep us posted and once again your blog is amazing and serves as an inspiration of all the up and coming tri-athletes.

    Our prayers to you and Robyn and have a great Festive Season and remember that with your “VAS BYT” he will always be there to guide you on hot tar surfaces cooling down your feet in prayer with HIM.

    God Bless

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