Race Report on the final BSG Triathlon: Big Bay, Cape Town

Robyn and I left Pretoria for Cape Town on 1 December. We made a stop in Bloemfontein to visit my dad. It was so nice to see him again and catch up a bit. We spent the night and left again the next morning. Wow, what a long drive!
We arrived in the Mother City late that evening due to a huge detour that we had to take after two cars and a truck were involved in a big accident.

Sunday arrived and with it the wind and the final of the BSG Energade Triathlon Series. It was going to be an interesting final race.

If you’ve ever been to Cape Town you will most probably have experienced the icy cold sea and wind that can absolutely howl! Well this is what we were up against.
We started the race in 12.5 degree water. It was extremely cold. I had my wetsuit, neoprene hoodie and a cap on and I was freezing! The gun went and we were off! Bounding over the shore breakers and dolphin diving through the surf we started our short swim. All the top guys exited the water together.

On the bike: we were really putting the hammer down. As Conrad Stoltz says “we kept it in the big blade.” Initially there was a 3 man break away but after some serious watts were put out in the chasing pack we caught the breakaway at 12km. We were now heading back into the wind and with the hard work of catching the guys done we sat up and let our legs rest a bit. It felt as though we were going nowhere!
Towards the end of the bike leg I decided to put out some kilowatts (;-)) on my CycleOps SL+ Powertap and attempt a breakaway, but the guys were immediately on my wheel and we all entered transition together.
I flew out of T2 with all the big guys. I ran with them for the first 1.2km before I blew. I had gone out way too hard. Then it was just about holding it all together and getting across the finish line. I came in 7th and was quite happy with my run spilt for this stage in the season: 16.47 for 4.9km. It was a good prep race to sharpen me up for this weekend’s ATU Africa Cup in Mauritius.
Bring on the pink drinks! But remember to keep it real. Haha

BIG NEWS: I met with the team owner of the ALZ-Sigmaringen, a German team, and I am extremely happy to say that I’ll be racing for them for about 4 months next year.

Here is a photo of me doing the wild monkey dance while getting my Orca Alpha wetsuit off

Keep on 🙂


One thought on “Race Report on the final BSG Triathlon: Big Bay, Cape Town

  1. WOW well done Theo.

    With that 6’3″ the Monkey dance looks quite impressive. We are so happy on the BIG NEWS of Germany, wow an opportunity of a life time and who knows good preparation for the Olympics in 1012, don’t you think?

    We wish you well an all success with the race in Mauritius 🙂 from the cold grey waters to the warm tropical waters in the tropics. We know you will do well, keep us posted and keep on 🙂

    See I told you that the Seafood platter you and Robin had at the waterfront in Bloemfontein on your stop over did the thing down in the Cape 🙂

    Regards to Robin, have a safe trip to Mauritius and back (wow a very short and hectic trip) and take a break over the festive season and enjoy the true meaning of the remembrance of our Lord birthday.

    God Bless and keep on 🙂 ……. as always.

    Dad and Veronica

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