Oakley Radar Save The Day “bad bike crash”

As you know I couple of months ago I had a bad bike crash. I went face first into the tar on a downhill at speed. I call that eating tar. I recovered pretty fast and was only off training for two weeks. I am so thankful that I didn’t break anything and was only off training for a small amount of time. Thank God for that.

I always cycle with my Oakley Radar sunglasses. On the morning of the crash I was on my way back from my ride and coming over the top of Eeufees hill when I hit a hump of tar in the road and went face first into the tar. The lens of the sunglasses went into my cheek and cut the skin open just below my eye. I only came around much later in the hospital.

My coach had taken all my gear when he picked me up from the side of the road after I had crashed. When I got out of the hospital later that day I was keen to see what was still in one piece. Unfortunately my Oakleys, the best sunglasses that I have ever owned, were trashed. At first I was really upset about this, but then I realized that I might have seriously damaged my eye if it had not been for the sunglasses protecting it.

There are no other sunglasses that I would choose to wear. Oakley is simply the best. I don’t know how they do it but they just get it right every single time they design a pair of sunglasses. I know that I keep going on about how great Oakleys are, but seriously, try a pair and you will know what I am talking about.

You just feel so super cool wearing their sunglasses and with all the pro athletes wearing them you know that they are quality sunglasses!
If you put a pair on you will feel like I think James bond feels when he puts on his sunglasses. It is definitely a James Bond moment- or maybe it is an Oakley Radar moment. I promise that you will see the world differently in Oakleys. No jokes, they are really in a class of their own. The Chilean miners who were trapped underground for weeks were given Oakleys when the surfaced to protect their eyes from the sun that otherwise would have damaged their eyes after being in the dark for so long. Well done to Oakley for supplying them with sunglasses.

The reason that I like the Oakley Radar is that the fit so comfortably on my face when I cycle and run during training and races. They don’t bounce at all and I never have to adjust them.

When I raced in Budapest at the Triathlon World Championships it was a wet, wet day and I was in a nig pack of guys on the bike. Water and dirt was flying off the back wheels and into our faces, but the hydrophilic layer on the lens kept the glasses relatively clean and I was able to still see through them. That is where I truly saw the quality of Oakleys. And man, they look good!

I tweeted a photo of my messed up face to @OakleySA while I was lying at home after the accident, unable to do anything. The Oakley guy got back to me asking what had happened and I sent him an email detailing what had happened. Mathew Quinn was keen to see how Oakleys hold up under high speed accidents such as the one that I was in and I sent my glasses to Cape Town for him to have a look at.
Mathew then sent me a brand new pair of Radars- white chrome frame with a blue iridium lens! They are super cool. Thanks Mathew! I really do appreciate it.
Here is a pic of them:

So if you are a runner, cyclist, triathlete, golfer, cricket player or whatever get yourself a pair of Oakleys!

Unfortunately I don’t have a picture of the messed up Radars, but here is a picture of my face after the accident so I am sure you will get the picture.

If you want your own custom pair of sunglasses you can go to http://www.oakley.com or just go to any good sunglass shop. Go get your James Bond look.

Keep well, train hard and keep your Oakleys on for the protection of your eyes.
Keep on 🙂


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