Race report: South African Championships and ATU African Cup, Port Elizabeth

I had a crazy trip down to PE leaving last Thursday. I drove down with the MAD triathlon team. Thanks to Mike Moriarty for helping me out with transport. It was the longest trip that I have ever taken to PE. It took us 15hours in the bus due to all the road works. Crazy stuff!
I stayed 30km from the race venue with Jono Rumbelow, one of the race organizers, at his house in Kini Bay. What an amazing place. It is truly beautiful. A big thanks to Jono.

Race day: our start time was 13h30 so we were up for some fun in the blistering sun. I lined up on the beach next to the other athletes. It was going to be a fast non-wetsuit swim due to the likes of the great Tim Don and The Fish, Henri Schoeman. After the first lap of the swim I was just behind the second pack. It was about 10 seconds and I managed to hold that gap through the second lap. But those 10 seconds were crucial and I was left alone on the bike. It was a straight out and back loop on 13.3km and at the first turn around on the way out I sat up and waited for the group behind me. I was joined by Richard Murray, Matia Lukina and another international athlete. We worked well together until the end of the bike leg, only losing a bit more time to the front packs.

From the first lap of the swim my body wouldn’t give me what I wanted from it. I just didn’t have anything in the tank and I have to attribute this to more than 3 weeks of illness and injury that plagued me at the end of January and beginning of February. Flu, not eating for 5 days, a knee injury and bronchitis had all taken their toll on me. So the race became a matter of survival and damage control.

The run was not a pretty sight. It was just a lesson in vasbyt. I think that walking might actually have been quicker. Anyway I made it to the finish in the top 10 South Africans.
Not at all happy with how things went. I am very disappointed to be honest. I have got a long way to go, but at least it is only the beginning of a long season. I guess that after only 4 weeks of proper training after all that bad luck did not leave me in any kind of shape and I was silly to expect more.

Next month involves lots of hard training, but I am up for it!
God has a plan for me. I know that it is a good one and so I am going to just trust him. He knows what is best for me.
Thanks for all the support.
Remember to keep on 😉

Here is a photo of me chowing bears (as Andre would say)


4 thoughts on “Race report: South African Championships and ATU African Cup, Port Elizabeth

  1. Hi Theo,

    Mmmmmmmmm ek wonder of die seafood platter in Bloemfontein nie die ding sou gedoen het nie 🙂 (grap maar net).

    Ja dit is so…… party wen jy ander verloor jy…. dit is die feite van die lewe.

    Maar kyk na jou foto’s…… jy byt vas met ‘n 🙂

    Sterkte en weet verseker dat dit deel is om ‘n top atleet te wees en ja die jaar sal die dinge vir jou gebeur. Glo net vas daaraan.

    Sterkte met die voorbereiding en mik na GOUD met ‘n 🙂


  2. Hi Theo
    Ok, so the result wasn’t so good, but hey, your attitude and thoughts now are really what count. Your big day will come, be patient. Hang in there. I am very proud of your positive thoughts. Robs must be doing a good job with you! And that pic – well you still look awesome! Love life!!

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