Waterlake Farm Off Road Triathlon

Last weekend I raced at a beautiful property development just outside Pretoria. It is a great place to race – there is a lovely dam and some great paths for mountain biking and trail running. You can go and check out the place at: http://www.waterlakefarm.co.za/wmenu.php

The race route was very hilly and rocky. Just the way I like it – the more technical the better. There were some fast downhills and hard technical climbs.

It was a wetsuit swim and so I put on my super cool Orca Alpha wetsuit to keep me warm and make me faster. The race started and I had a bit of a slow start, but was in the lead before 100m was done and from there I just extended my lead. Out of the water, through T1 and off on my bike and still no one else was even out of the water. I had a big lead, but that didn’t mean that I was going to take the bike leg easy. I kicked the mtb into a big gear and no fear.

After the first km the gate that I needed to go through and then turn left was closed. So I turned left before the gate onto a little bospaadjie. The path was so old that I think the last time that it was used was when the Groot Trek went through that area. After fighting through the reeds I figured that this surely was not the route to I made my own path to the fence, jumped it and got onto the right path.

I lost about 5min with all my adventures but I still held the lead. There were some big climbs and amazing rocky descents. Great fun! Lean back, one finger on the back brake, bend your elbows and knees, put your weight to the back, put your crazy head on and just go with it = awesome fun! If you fall, just get back on and try again. Trust me it works.

There was even a helicopter with a camera man hanging out of it and taking some cool footage. After circling my way back towards the transition zone I came down a big hilly rocky section and went past a gate where a marshal was standing. He stopped me and called me back, saying that I had gone the wrong way and must turn back towards the transition area. It definitely felt short, but hey you listen to the marshal don’t you?

I headed out onto the run and straight up a massive hill. I thought that this must surely be the way to heaven. Just joking. It was really long and very steep. I felt really good on the run and I won the race, but I was disqualified for going the wrong way. Oh well, that is just how it goes even though it was not my fault.

I am really enjoying these off road triathlons. I had so much fun. I just need a mountain bike. So if anyone would like to sponsor me one that would be just fantastic 😉

That is the end of the local triathlons for a while so it is back to training for Africa Champs


So remember to keep it in the big blade and oh yes, no fear!

Keep on 🙂


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