CycleOps Trainer Session from Hell!!!!!

This morning at 6am I got on to my CycleOps fluid2 trainer knowing that it’s going to be a nightmare. Lindsey Parry gave me a killer set to do on my trainer it was 8x5min zone 4 that is 300watts. Oh boy it was so hard. Really happy that I did it and I stayed in my zone 4 for all of them. My legs are still broken from the weekends race but no rest if you are coached by mr Parry! I love my Power tap It’s so hard training with it but you can see the improvement. In the end it’s all worth it. Thanks to bicycle power trading for this amazing sponsor. Power training is the way to go! Get your CycleOps Power Tap today at: CycleOps the leader in POWER!!!!

Have a look at my profile from this mornings session.
The yellow is the power “watts”, Speed blue, Green cadence, Red hart rate, So every time you see the yellow line goes up in means I am dyeing!!!

Here is a short clip of me doing my set this morning. Thanks to my house hold Lettie for the amazing camera work!!! 😉 All she said was “hey boetie jy lyk moeg” and I was broken.
Keep on 🙂

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