2011 Maputo ATU Triathlon African Championships this weekend

The time has come. Man it has come so fast. I am departing for MOZ tomorrow morning at 9.

I can wait to race so existed. I know I have trained hard and really couldn’t have done more training. I am going in to this race with a new motto and it is “Race Hard Honor GOD’’ Every stroke I pull ,every pedal I turn and every step I take I am going to Honor GOD!!!! Because He is the one that makes everything possible for me. This past months I realized Triathlon is not everything in the world. God has so much more for all of us in store. Such big plans I can’t describe it. Triathlon is just a tool for me to get to lost people but hey I love this tool God gave me. How cool is that. I am starting to see the big pitcher. Look how much God has done for me this past months. That’s so amazing how good He has been for me I praise Him for that. He can do the same for you ,you just need to let Him in to your hard and He will blow your mind away.

Oh yes back to the race on Sunday. We will start on 07:30 on Sunday morning. Follow me on twitter and on my blog so that you can get a lot of info what’s going on there. Thanks a lot for all your support. I believe I will make you proud!!!

Here is a photo of last year’s African Champs in Durban.


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