2nd at ITU Africa Champs Maputo

Back in RSA after a really nice weekend in MOZ. My race was good didn’t feel on top of the world but really happy with my 2nd place. It’s really nice to be back in the game and racing. I will put on a hole race report soon. We had a good time in AFRICA!!!!!!

One thought on “2nd at ITU Africa Champs Maputo

  1. Theo, reading your pre-race report on the 2011 Maputo ATU Triathlon African Championships and your praise to your creator, I knew that you will have a GOOD one smiling :).

    Well now you have your results an just look at that. By trusting in Him and seeing the “Bigger Picture” He has awarded you with His Glory in the second place at the race, though being in the FIRST Place of His ambassador in Africa.

    Congratulations and remember that I have told you, just wait and see, He will provide that GLORY by only trusting in Him.

    One thing that I’m confident with is that you are in the FIRST PLACE and champion in testifying the grace of God and that makes you a champion in His name for all other athletes to see and to follow.

    Keep on believing, keep on trusting, keep on smiling 🙂 ………… as you always do, and when you open your eyes you will be awarded the FIRST PRIZE in His Kingdom.

    We love your new look blog and be of assurance that so many people takes inspiration from your blog and in you as a Christian and your testimonies.

    Keep on chasing GOLD in His name.

    Love you.

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