New Sponsor Xtenex SA

In triathlon they speak about the 4th discipline. Now you must think I am crazy if I say that. But there is a 4th discipline and it’s the transition. If you lose 5-10 seconds in transition you are out of the race. Now you see what I mean about a fast transition. This is where the Xtenex laces comes in to play a big roll.
Xtenex is a no tying elastic what you put in your shoe to slip your shoe on fast and so that your shoe will be tight and not fall off while running all out!

The Olympic Champ Jan Frodeno use Xtenex.

You get them in really cool Colours.

Here is a clip of how to put them in.

Xtenex no tying elastic, advance interlocking shoelaces used by World Champs now avail in for more info,email and request Info file.

For more info: Xtenex Product Information

I will be racing World Champs 9th of September with my Xtenex laces. Cant wait to try them out!


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