World Champs Here i Come!!!

‎​China, here I come!!!

So it is finally time. Time for the race that I have been training for the past few months.

I leave RSA on Saturday night to go race world champs on the 9th of September. This is also my last year that I will race in the U23 Elite group so I am really keen to do well. I am so ready to race hard and to go out there and have some fun. That’s what is all about- having fun!

Here is a clip of some of my last hard training in RSA before I leave.

Thanks for all the support!!!

I will be blogging, on twitter and on facebook.

Keep on 🙂


2 thoughts on “World Champs Here i Come!!!

  1. Theo,
    Well you will be still sitting 35000 vt in the air when you’ll getting this, though 4 sure your participation in China is the ONE 4 you.
    A word of inspirations for you on the eve of having a great race in China:
    Take this to heart :
    “I prefer to remain in blissful ignorance of the opposition. That way I’m not frightened by anyone’s reputation.” Ian Thompson
    Have a glorious race Theo and keep on 🙂 as you always do.
    God Bless.

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