2 Days to go before the big race

2 days to go and then it is the biggest race of the year!

After a long and exhausting travel we arrived at our hotel at 2am in the morning. The plan was to book in quickly then get to bed and get some sleep in before the sun came up. Well the hotel staff had other plans. It took almost 3hours to book in. Had a short sleep and then made sure we stayed awake for the whole day so the we could get used to the time zones.

So far China is nice. The people are so helpful, well the ones that can understand and speak English. It has been fun trying to get around, but it is so cool to see how different God has made us and the best thing is He Loves us all!!!! Praise Him for that!

Wow, the Chinese are putting in a lot of effort for this event! You can see that this is going to be a world class event.

Since Twitter and Facebook are banned in China I will put up some photos on my blog.

This is what we been up to since we got here……

Getting set up for the big day

Going to hit this 13% gradient hill 6 times. Nice!!:-)

Some swimming training in the reservoir. Yes, I know that leg of mine is out of control!

This is where the hurting is going to end. Pretty sight!

This is where the hurting is going to start! Can’t wait

For now it’s just waiting till the big day.

Race hard, honour God

Keep on 🙂


One thought on “2 Days to go before the big race

  1. Two words for you: HAVE FUN! 🙂
    Can’t wait to have you back.
    Love you more than pizza (haha this is particularly funny given your current diet)

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