Full Race Report onBSG triathlon series Island Estates at Hartebeesport Dam.

The second race of the BSG triathlon series took place at the Island Estates at Hartebeesport Dam. This was also the first time that a triathlon was held there.

The swim was pretty unusual as we swam in the canals, the bike was a 25km loop and we ended off with a nice cross country run in the estate.

It was a non-wetsuit swim as the water temperature was above 20 degrees. The fish-like boys pushed the pace right from the start of the swim. I had a really good start and was in the front pack with a big smile on my face. Okay, I actually wasn’t smiling – the pace was too fast for that. I exited the water with the front guys and was happy to see that I was with all the main players.
Onto the bike and we flew out of the estate and onto the road. Once we all came together we started working well with Abrahm Louw, “big blade Roberto”, keeping the speed up. We started off with 7 in the front pack, but before long we were down to 5. Towards the end of the bike my legs started burning like a bonfire, but I was still taking my turn at the front and hanging on for dear life. At 20km I looked down at my CycleOps Joule and saw that it had only taken us 26min to cover the 20km! We were seriously hooking it!

Entering the estate again there was a nice sharp left-hand turn followed by a railway line. Knowing that I have some MTB skills I knew that I could make a bit of a gap on the other guys. I went to the front, left the breaks, left knee out, pushing down with my right leg, my “no-fear” switch flipped. I jumped the railway and what do you know! I made about an 80m gap on the rest of the guys.
I had a fast T2 thanks to my Xtenex laces and exited in first place with Rudolf Naude.
Out onto the run and …… about that……… Not quite sure what’s going on with my run at the moment. I was killing myself and still the guys were going past me as though I was looking for parking.
I hung on for 5th place. Was disappointed with my run, but happy with my 5th place. I just want to be consistent throughout the series.

Praise God for a great sport like triathlon. It was an awesome day spent out in the sun doing what I love.
Thanks to my team- team INOV-8/ Rebel and all my sponors for being behind me and believing in me. You guys are the best.
Now it’s time to put on my Compressport gear and recover as fast as possible for this weekend’s race in Potch.

Keep the wheels turning – in the big blade! 🙂


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