Race Report on the 3rd BSG Energade Tri series Potchefstroom.

For the third race of the BSG Energade Tri series we headed to the student town of Potchefstroom.

It was the fourth weekend in a row that I was racing and the fatigue was starting to show, but you know what I say “you have to race your way into shape”.

At the previous weeks race I was really concerned about how I ran, as well as a hamstring niggle that I was struggling with. I sat down with my coach and we decided to do a little test to see where my weakness was. I wasn’t sure that it would turn out very well, but the plan was to swim with the pack and then sit at the back of the group and to do no work and then to see how I would be able to run.

The swim was like trying to swim through an underwater forest. Instead of pulling water we were pulling grass. It made for a very interesting swim that was lots of fun (*not*).

Around the first buoy and I was on my team mate Claude Eksteen’s feet. No, really I was jamming his feet with my hands the whole way. The swim was really nice and I was enjoying just sitting on people’s feet and having a free ride. My Sailfish G-Range wetsuit made it so much easier. Exiting the water was pretty dodgy as there is no slipway out of the dam, but thank God for the big brute who grabbed my arm and yanked me out of the water.

Onto the bike and the little fish Henri Schoeman was already gone, but we caught him before we even left the town. I did about two work turns at the front and then it was time for me to go and have a coffee at the back. The guys were not happy with me, but that is racing. I had a plan to stick to. Towards the end of the bike legs some guys tried to get away, but they were unable to. We were all together except for Richard who got a flat tyre. Ah sorry boet, but really I was like “yes please,” because you know that when Richard is in the front group then you are racing for second place.

Into T2 and it was the two Rebel Kamakazis, Claude and me, attacking the dismount line. Once again the no-fear switch flipped! I racked my bike and had my INOV-8 F-lite racers on in no time. Thanks to my Xtenex laces I was first out of transition. I was telling myself “don’t go out too fast, don’t!” Just before the 1km mark Erhard came past me and made about a 50-60m gap and then I was just waiting for the other guys to pass me like they usually do, but they didn’t! I was running my heart out and I was so dead! At about 1km to go Erhard looked around to see where I was and then he put his long giraffe legs to full speed and just pulled away from me like a BMW will leave my little 1400 witblitz golfie behind. I hung on for second place!

This was the best result that I had ever had in a triathlon. I ran 15:58 on a hard 5km run route. So, so happy. I just love it when a plan comes together.

Praise God for this awesome result. I could hear Him running with me and breathing down my neck the whole way. Like the word says: He will never leave you, He will never forsake you. He was there the whole time. All glory to God when I race well and when I race badly. He is on my thrown.

Now we have a weekend off racing and I plan on doing some hard training before heading down to the Kwa-Zulu Natal Midlands for the 4th race.

Have a blessed week and well done to all the athletes who raced. You guys did great!

A big thanks to my mom who came all the way from Mafikeng to support me! I love you Ma. You are my hero!!!

Here is somthing that i got from work this week. i love it!!!!

Keep on 🙂 and Never Give Up!!!


6 thoughts on “Race Report on the 3rd BSG Energade Tri series Potchefstroom.

  1. Congratulations on your supreme effort and well deserved result.
    Looking forward to many more awesome results. Go Theo Go 🙂 Proud of you

  2. A true champion is not a self made man but a God made man.. You are a true champion buddy!! Super result, Keep it up. Your report was inpiring. Looking forward to see more.

  3. Well done theo , nice to see a run under 16 , now for under 15m 30, go run sprints on the mine dumps in gum boots .
    Good luck in midmar ( rich is seroius now , has new tubbies filled with hay .

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