Race Report BSG Triathlon P.E

After a week of illness and missing out on the Midmar Energade it was time to head down to the windy city – PE.
I left at 5:30am from Hatfield train station. It was the first time that I took the Gautran and I must say that it was really cool! Well done to RSA for pulling this off. For a second I felt as though I was travelling in Europe, but then I heard someone say that the train sometimes can’t run due to cable left. Welcome to Africa!

After a short flight we arrived in PE and it looked as though it was going to be a good racing weekend. I tested my legs to make sure that they were ready for action, but unfortunately this was not the case. My legs were sore and I was really tired from a really busy working week with lots of late nights. I knew it was going to be a hang tough race, but I was positive.
The South African special forces have a saying – where the mind goes the body follows.

I also got my first ever bike sponsor and I was so keen to try out my new Argon 18 and to have a good race. God has blessed me so much these past few weeks. Praise him for that!

Here is a clip about my bad boy!!! it says it all.

Race day
And what do you know? It was wet! I was not keen to break in my new bike in the wet weather, but it was just like that. I got everything sorted and my bike was ready to hook it after the swim.

Off we went into into the choppy waters of PE. We all swam together except for little fish boy, Henri, who had a bit of a lead, but we all came together within 2km of the bike. I was sitting at the back of the pack for most of the bike, but flip, I wasn’t resting! I was just holding on for dear life. I had already been tired in the swim and now I was just byting vas.

After about 5km of the bike I started to feel a bit better so I went ot the front for a couple of times, but I still was not feeling all that good. After the turn around I went to the back again to try and rest a bit for the run, but I was so broken that it didn’t help at all.
Coming into T2 I took the inside line because I knew that it was wet and there were quite a few white lines that we would have to cross. From previous experience I know not to turn on a white line when the roads are wet. You will go down and it will hurt.
So I took the inside line and was first into T2. As I dismounted I heard on the loudspeaker that someone had crashed. Abrahm had gone down on those same white lines that I had been worried about. I really felt sorry for him because I know what it feels like. He was a true champ – he got up and just kept on racing and ended up 3rd overall. Well dome mate!

Out of T2 and the gazelle from the ‘Ville was flying and was gone! We were about 3 guys running for 3rd place, but after the 1km mark I popped so badly and was just trying to survive. I finished 6th. Not too happy, but that’s racing. You win some, you lose some.

Well done to the top 3 guys, Richard Murray, Claude Eksteen (Team INOV-8) and Abrahm Louw. Nice races guys!
And a big well done to my team mate Pieter who came 5th. Keep up the good work Pieter Planter.

Off to Cape Town this weekend for the second last Energade.
Let’s hope the race goes better this time.

Keep on 🙂


2 thoughts on “Race Report BSG Triathlon P.E

  1. Theo, well done, a champ stays strong and keeps going especially when things go wrong. Good going! and best wishes for CT, ps: see you at the final in Van der Bijl. Awesome about the bike, Praise God.

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