Sasol Cross Triathlon # 1

After taking a fair while off training, during which I enjoyed eating lots during the festive season and just generally doing nothing except making the most of my time in Cape Town, it was time to start the 2012 racing season.

The first race was the first of the Sasol Cross Triathlon series which was held on the banks of the Vaal River in Sasolburg.

After only two weeks of training I just wanted to go and have some fun on my new mountain bike, but I knew that the race was going to be a killer.

Theo = fat + unfit

Oh well, you can only race as hard as you can and then a little more.

I took this race as a training race as it was not even on my list of B races for the season, so I just took it as an opportunity to get a good brick session under my belt. With this in mind, and trying to get fit quicly for more important upcoming races, I had three training sessions to do the previous day. So my legs were pretty broken before even starting the race.

At the start my team mate, Pieter van der Mescht, and I pulled away from the rest of the field. I entered T1 in first place with Pieter close on my heels. We headed out onto the muddy, wet and loose sand bike course and stayed together for the first couple of kilometres. That was when my legs started indicating that they were rather unhappy with me after the previous days training! I kept on pushing, but nothing was forthcoming from my stubborn legs. Pieter started to pull away and after that it was a bit of a lonely bike course, but I had fun drifting the corners in the loose sand, almost coming down once or twice.

I went out as hard as I could on the run, but still my legs were giving me nothing. I seemed to be holding a steady pace though. My INOV-8 X-Talons 212 made my job easier as they were great for the offroad terrain. Seeing the grip on those shoes you would be forgiven for thinking that you could run up a tree!

Just before the end of the race there was a little river crossing. A very wise man once told me that the best way to attack a technical section is just to let go and hook it! So that was exactly what I did, but the river was deeper than what I had anticipated and my leg just kept on going down when I expected it to hit the river bed and I ended up face planting! It was so funny!

I ended up second to Pieter, but I was happy with a good training day done and dusted. Well done to Pieter, you raced like a champ. Keep it up.

Also well done to Carla van Hysteen – she cleaned up on the girls side and finished 4th overall.

What a fun way to kick off 2012! Now it’s head down and the big training is coming up.

Praise God for a great sport.

Keep on 🙂


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