Just another day at the office

On Friday afternoon my head screams “It’s the weekend, baby!” and that means one thing for me – it is time to hit the trails in Groenkloof again. I am enjoying myself so much there and as I spend more and more time there I just keep on getting faster and faster. But don’t think that I don’t come off my bike sometimes, because I do. If you don’t take a spill every now and then you know that you aren’t pushing yourself hard enough. “If in doubt, flat out” – this saying really helps me a lot. Well it works about 90% of the time 🙂
I always take my camera with me when I head to Groenkloof as you never know what might be waiting for you around the next corner. I have so much fun there that I am going to try and put it into words and pictures so that you can get a small taste of what I get up to when I am flying through the trails.

The first thing waiting for me around the corner were my friendly zebras. They are not too worried about me as I cycle past them which is pretty cool as I can get very close to them.
As I continued I came across a bird that brings a lot of fun into my riding, the guineafool! I really enjoy chasing them in the single track. They are really dof and will just run forever in front of me in the single track, this helps improve my handling. One day I will jump off my bike and catch one!

By the time I went for my second lap it was getting really hot. The African sun can be mean sometimes, but it was also good to do some hot weather training.

The kameelperd (camel horse) is definitely the animal that makes my day. You can get really close to them and they don’t seem to take my notice of you at all. I was very nervous taking this photo because Flip Vorster, die volstrys, was not too far from here and if he sees me, oh boy! I need to ride like an oke gone bonkers.

This is dad with his new born. So cool to see that they are working on building the giraffe nation.

Now friends, let me introduce you to “die vinnigste frikkie in Groenkloof.” His name is Flip Vorster, die volstruis! I call him Flip Vorster because he always catches me off guard and then I need to hook it in the big blade and I am just shouting at him “Flippit Vorster gaan jag iemand anders!!!!” So that is where his name comes from.

How I got this photo is a miracle. He had just chased me and I had managed to get away from him, but I really wanted a photo of him, so I stalked him like a hungry Kalahari lion, then quickly stood up and took the photo. Then it was back to running away from Flip! Luckily I don’t only have two big toes, so I can get away on the rocks.

Just to show you how crazy it can get, this is what happened to my chain as I was coming down Route Canal, which is a very fast, rocky, downhill section. It can get very ugly if you don’t know what you are doing, but if you can master the one legged mampara then you can really fly down. You’re probably wondering what a one legged mampara is. Well, I will have to get someone to film me doing it so that you can fully understand.

Mountain bike riders don’t get tan lines like roadies do. They get dirt lines! Love it!

After riding mtb it is so important to clean your bike so that it is ready to rock and roll again the next day. I always say if you look after your bike, then it will look after you. A clean bike is a fast bike.

Some hot water and soap and it will be like new again!

While I am washing my mtb I do my fair share of gardening as well. My wit stinkhout boom is coming on nicely.

When you are done rinsing your bike just put it aside and let the African sun do what it does best – dry it for you.

I hope that I was fully able to convey just how awesome it is to go wild in Groenkloof.
Keep it real! Enjoy the dirt and gooi hom in die groot blade!
Keep on 🙂


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