2012 Africa Cross Triathlon Champs

After my win in Bloem I figured that I just might have a talent for this off-road triathlon thing. I really enjoy it; it is flipping hard, but fun.

I had been spending a lot of time on my MTB bike and on the route around Harties so that when the race came I would be ready for it.

Race day dawned and I was ready. Rudolf and I led out the swim and getting onto my bike I felt really good. The first part of the bike leg was just some tar and dirt road, so no crazy stuff yet. I really wanted to use Rudolf in the first part so that we could get a bigger gap on those strong bikers coming from behind. It turned out that I dropped Rudolf around the first bumpy grass fields and so I was left alone in the front. I was feeling confident, my legs were feeling good and I really couldn’t wait to hit the first single track to really take some time out of the guys.

Just before I hit the big climb I cut my tire on a broken bottle and in less than 5 seconds it was completely flat and on the rim. I couldn’t believe it! I hadn’t even got to the crazy stuff yet. So I plugged it and bombed it, but it wouldn’t seal. By now Rudolf had passed me. I took my wheel off and put a tube in and then Nico came past me. I saw that I was losing big chunks of time. With the tube in and not very hard I took a chance and started riding. I got to the top of the hill and the first rock that I hit on the descent caused my back wheel to pop. I really thought that my day was done, but I never give up. ‘n Boer maak ‘n plan!

In the end I got 4 flats that day. I ran the last 1.5km back to transition as my wheel was on the rim and there was no way that I was buying a new rim! I got my bushman feet out and ran barefoot to T2.
Running out of T2 I knew that I had lost a large amount of time, but I still wanted to see how fast I could run and see if I could limit any of the damage. I think that I went out of T2 a bit fast, but it was okay and I ended up running the fastest split of the day. 24:07 for the 7km off-road run.

Despite all my bad luck I still finished in 5th. Not exactly what I had wanted, but I still had a good time out there. A big well done to Robyn for conquering her fears and doing her first off road triathlon and finishing 4th.

I was extremely upset and frustrated with my bad luck and I was asking “Why? Why does this happen to me so often?” That same Sunday in church I was praying and I asked God why?
A calmness came over me and I felt God’s love and I felt him saying to me “Theo, there are bigger things coming. Just trust me.”
I was like “wow, Lord, you really are the best. I trust you completely.”

Hopefully I can go to World Champs and have a good one there.

Thanks to my sponsors, family and friends. You guys are the best.
And thanks to the guys who gave me tubes and bombs out on the course!

Keep it in the big blade and remember to never give up. There is always a way. Maak ‘n plan!

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