Review on Inov-8 terrafly

A really good review from a frien that i told him to get a pair of inov-8.

This is what he had to say:

I started with my running in january this year. At first I experienced some calf problems with my prevouis shoes or might be my old navy injury. I actually thought at one stage to give up the running because of my calfs that were always tight.

I bought the runnersworld magazine and read about a new shoe called inov8,I added inov8 to my facebook en saw all the good reviews on the facebook page. I emailed inov8 to ask what type of shoe they whould recommend and the recommended the terrafly for my type of running.

At this stage I didn’t buy the shoes yet, I added Theo Blignaut to my facebook as I wanted to hear from a athlete what he thought about the shoes, Theo had only good things to say about the shoes and upon hearing what he had to say I went to order my terrafly 311. To give you I idea how great these shoes are, I did a 10km race in them-no more aching calves. Two weeks later I decided to enter a 15km race-and again no aches and pains and this was only my second race.

Tuesday the 1st of May I entered my 3rd race-the wally hayward 21.1km, I was a bit nervous,lots off people told me I’m overdoing it because it was only my third race and I was entering a half marathon! I had an awesome race and came in with a time of 2h08min for my very first half marathon.

Here is some more info about the shoe:


Jaco Groenewald

Thank you Jaco for your time to do this for me.

Keep on 🙂


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