2012 ITU Cross Triathlon Champs USA Alabama

I have recently had pretty much the worst time in my life so far.
About 4 weeks ago I cracked my elbow and was told by the doctor that I would be out of training and in a sling for 6 weeks and that my dream of going to world cross triathlon champs were over.
At first I was extremely depressed thinking that everything that I have trained for this year had disappeared in the blink of an eye, but do not forget that with God everything is possible.

I made the decision that I was still going to give it a shot. Even though my elbow and arm was very sore I was doing some easy riding on the trainer, running a bit and kicking in the pool. This was nothing like my usual training. I knew that I would need faith to get to the race.

I had some huge stress with my American visa, only getting it the Friday before the Sunday that I was to leave. To me this was God telling me that He had everything sorted out. I said God I trust you fully that you want me to go and race. I will go and glorify your name. Win or lose I know that you want me there.

The flight to America was very long and especially confusing flying back 7 hours to Pelham, Bermingham, Alabama.

The first time that we went out on the trails my arm was extremely sore and I was riding like a girl. I was upset and angry after that ride, but again I am just trusting God for complete healing.

The next day we did three laps of the route. My new theory was that when I ride conservatively and slowly it is sore so I might as well ride hard like I usually do. So I am going with hard. I rode well that day and was much happier.

I love it here in Alabama. One of my big dreams is to race the American xterra tour. One day.

I am feeling good about this race and have taken what the legend Conrad Stoltz says to heart: low air, big gear, no fear!

Here is a video from out bike route for the first 10min.

I am racing at 16h00 local time today which is 23h00 in South Africa.
And then it’s off to Germany!

Thanks for all the support and the prayers. You guys are the best.

This race, like all the races, I will be racing for Jesus!

Keep on 🙂


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