German Triathlon Champs & 1st Bundesliga in Darmstadt

After 4 years my dream has finally become a reality!
I am finally doing a stint of training and racing in Germany and on Sunday I raced my first Bundesliga race.
I was not in tip top shape as 6 weeks ago I cracked my elbow and the doctors told me no training or racing for at least 6 weeks. I went out to prove them wrong and only 4 weeks after my crash I was racing the ITU Cross Triathlon World Championships where I finished in 18th place. I just showed again that this God that we serve is an amazing God.

There were over 100 men lined up at the start on Sunday in Darmstadt at the German National Champs and 1st Bundesliga race. The first turn was only 100m away from the start before we had to make a left turn into a channel that was 6m wide. There was only one thing to say to this “AG NEE!” and then get on with it.
It was just fighting and pulling and kicking. I wasn’t moving forward by pulling water, but by pulling bodies.
I had a terrible swim and got out way back with the fourth pack. I got onto the bike with ALZ teammate Tim George, but unfortunately he punctured after a couple of laps and was forced to pull out.

This was definitely the most crazy bike course that I have ever done. It was wet and pouring with rain and each of the seven bike laps brought with it 3 tram tracks that we needed to cross. Needless to say that this resulted in an enormous amount of crashes!
Even though it was so crazy I was smiling the whole time as I love racing in this kind of weather. I was enjoying playing with the roadies in the wet and I made some big gaps a couple of times coming out of the turns, but I didn’t have the legs to get away.
At the start of lap 5 we bridged the gap to the third pack and we were now quite a large group of about 30 guys so the only way to keep out of trouble was to stay at the front.
On that lap a rider in front of me clipped a wheel and went down hard. I jumped onto the pavement to avoid going down. I then needed to look for a place where I could safely get back into the bunch. Finally I found a place, went for it and made it back.
This was honestly the most eventful bike that I have ever done. It was like there was a German sniper sitting on a roof and taking out the guys next to me. They were dropping like flies!

On the run I had no idea how my legs and body would go as I hadn’t been doing any hard training because of my damaged elbow. So I just got into a rhythm and tried to maintain it.
I ended up running a 34:45, which I don’t think is too bad after a really hard, cold bike and with no hard running in the past 6 weeks.

I came 41st out of the 113 guys who started, but only 67 finished! So I am happy with the result for the moment.

So for now I am living my dream – training hard and getting fit for the next race which is in just over 1 weeks time.

Here is a youtube video from the race. Every now and then you might see me in my yellow and black ALZ trisuit. I look like an overweight buffalo dressed in a bee suit. Please have a laugh with me 🙂

Keep on 🙂 and have fun what ever you do!!!

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