Robs and I went to Munich as I needed to apply for my UK visa there. As the train tickets were not cheap we decided to make a trip of it, spend one night and explore the city.
We woke up early on Monday morning with a bit of a race-hangover from the LBS-liga race in Schoemberg the day before and walked to the train station for the 3 hour train trip.
Once we arrived in Munich our friend Christian picked us up and we quickly dropped off our bags before heading to the city centre, Karlsplatz. This is where there are lots of shops and Robyn dragged me through way too many.

Shopping is so much harder than racing 😦

Along the way there were some amazing old buildings, churches and fruit stalls. It was all really cool.

A fruit stall

Robyn at the fountain at Marienplatz

This is the coolest place in Munich- the river surfing in the English Garden. It was amazing.

A video of the surfers having some fun:

My day would have been made if these nuns had got in to the river and started surfing!

The next day we went to the Hofbrau house for some lunch. The traditional pork knuckle and half a litre of beer, which was the smallest beer that they served, was a great lunch. I am not at all a big beer drinker, but you can’t be in Germany and not try the local stuff.

The Olympic park was pretty cool. We just checked out the 1972 Olympic swimming pool and walked around the park.

Our last stop was the Hellabrunn Tierpark (zoo) which was super cool.

My friend Frik

Show down croc vs. turtle

King Julian was there as well

This bird was hilarious. It came flying past us and flew straight into a glass window. When it hit the ground I just wanted to take a photo of it, but it jumped onto my hand and sat there while we stroked it and took photos.

Our last stop in the zoo was the polar bears. It was amazing as I have always wanted to see one. They are SO big.

After along 2 days of exploring the city we were in the box as the Aussies like to say. We would just say that we were broken.
Waiting at the tram to take us to the train which would take us to my much-preferred little village, Sigmaringen.

So that was Munich. It was a lot of fun and I had a really good time with my best friend Robs.

Keep on 🙂 and have fun wherever you go.


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