6hr Mountain bike relay race

This past weekend I was asked by a friend if I can help their team out with a 6hr relay mountain bike race. It was a 7km, lapped cross country race with some nice jumps and burms in the laps, so it was all worth it.

After the first lap we were lying in second and it was my turn to go. I worked really hard to catch the guy in front and pass him. I finally caught him around one of the many corners as my front wheel hit his back wheel, just to let him know I’m there. Shortly after that I had a big lead on him and our team Civil Consult was in the lead.

After a couple of laps we had a nice comfortable lead and we could just enjoy the racing.

This was one of the best parts of the route. Hitting the burms hard reminded me of my good old 4 cross days.

After one of the burms there was a little jump, love doing some low flying.

After a cold and wet 6hr race we were the winners, having fun all the way. Thank you to Civil Consult for the opportunity to race with them.

Keep it in the big blade.


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