Aca Joe Warm Water Weekend

First race in the Cape: done!

It had been a very long time since I last raced and so I was ready to get my rusty body going again.
I was extremely sad to have to miss out on racing Xterra Buffelspoort, but it was the right decision not to race and I am finally getting over my illness.
The Ace Joe West Cost Warm Water Weekend is an amazing weekend away with friends and family. It starts on the Friday night and continues to the Sunday and is packed full of races, from long to short course races, on-road to off-road triathlons and races for the kids. It really is an awesome weekend at the most beautiful venue, the West Coast National Park.

I went out on Sunday morning to race the offroad triathlon.
After a long swim of 2.8km I had a 2min gap on the rest of the field. I blitzed the transition and for the first 15min of the bike I kept my watts at 300 so as not to overcook it too early on.
After having been sick and on antibiotics for a week I could feel that my body wasn’t too happy and when Stuart Marais and Bradley Weiss caught me I had nothing in my legs to be able to go with them.


After a windy and lonely MTB I had lost a fair amount of time and I set out on the run course ready for a slog. I had two big open sores on my toes and these were causing me a lot of pain in my shoes and so after about 1 km I pulled them off and wore bushman takkies for the rest of the race.


The wind was pumping and some of the flags marking the route had blown over and so I got seriously lost. I had no idea where I was or where I was going. So I did my best to put the tracking skills that I learnt as a kid to use. I eventually found Brad and Stuart’s footprints and got back onto the route.
After a long time spent lost I finally made my way back to the finish line in 3rd place.

I really enjoyed racing out there in a really beautiful spot. Big thanks to Paul Ingpen for organising the weekend and for inviting me and to Aca Joe for sponsoring the event and for some awesome goodies.

Keep an eye out for this event weekend next year. It is definitely one you want to do!


Keep it in the big blade!!!


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