2013 Durbanville Off Road Triathlon Race Report

Feels so good to be back racing. I am also fit and feeling good again in training. This past weekends race was really nice and had so much fun. I really had a hard time this past 2 months but now it looks like everything is back on track and i am moving up again.

Getting ready for action and having a look as the sun rise over the hills. Amazing view!!!


Was amazing to see so meany people racing the off road format and to see how this amazing sport is growing. So proud to be part of it.


I knew my swim was up there like always. Swam hard to the first buoy then I just got in to my cursing speed and didn’t over do it at all in the swim. After the first lap on the swim I saw that I had a lead so no need for me to push harder on the second lap. saved myself for the bike and run.


The bike course was amazing in the Durbanville hills surrounding with vineyards. On the bike I held on to my lead till the one turn I over shot it and lost a lot of time. Bradly Weiss bridge the gap to me and from there on it was no more solo riding. Bradly is going really well and is in really good form. He got a couple of top 3 placing in some good racing overseas. So was no joke racing with him.


I knew that Brad was going to give it a shot to get rid of me on the hills as he is a 60kg guy and i am a 76kg guy. He did try to get rid of me but the big boy has been hitting the sprints so I was still on his wheel. from there on i just sat on his wheel. Pulling some road skills there! “if you jump me i will not help you i will just sit and suck wheel” that’s what i did. Didn’t think it helped me much!


Out of T2 first and I did stuff up my dismount, I ran hard for the first 2km and saw I had a gap and just kept that all the way. It was a really fast race and it was on the gas from the start!!!

A big well done to Brad you made me work hard for the win. Also all the best for your racing in the USA. Trust it will go well!

Some more amazing photos taken by Chris Hitchcock he just knows how to do this!!!!


Out of the water going for the second lap. So fast!!!


Pushing hard up the climb. Keeping it in the big blade!!


My Titan Team 29er making mince meat of the terrain and to leave my foot prints my geax treys that is bomb proof or shall i say Theo proof.

2 months ago I was thinking about stopping with triathlon and moving on! But this quote came on my way

” its not about how hard you can hit. Its about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward, how much you can take and keep moving forward, that’s how winning is done!!!”

So glad i didn’t quit! Praise the Lord!!

Till i blog again!!! Keep it in the big blade!


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