2012 Lourensford off road Duathlon

Its always so amazing to race at Lourensfort. When you see the photos you will see what I am talking about! Last weekend I won the Durbanville off road triathlon and it felt really good to be back and racing well. Really didn’t know how the legs will go after the race but Ian my coach said this week is going to be easy. I have never done so little training. well it works!!!! I was so rested. By the time I stood at the start line I felt like hoofing the ground just want to run like a wild beast. That’s Ian’s saying.

The sun rising over Lourensfort.

This Duathlon started with a 5km run then a 30km MTB to end the race was a 2.5km run.


The camera man getting a great shot. the splits said I run a 15:24 for the first 5km but I think it was a bit short. didn’t feel like 3min km pace. The bike I did in 1:06:00 AVE Speed of 31kmh that I got of my CycleOps Joule GPS.


Really cool shot by Craig Brandenburg with the chopper in the background.


So the run worked out well. I was first out of T1 thanks to ITU racing my transitions are really fast. out on the the bike I put the hammer down up to the first 8km climb. Legs was on fire felt really good.


In the zone! so focused must have been my Bio-Strath I took the morning of the race. I find it really helps me to relax and get in the zone for racing.


On the bike I had a really big lead but I had no idea so I just kept it in the big blade of my Titan Team 29er, head down a sip of PVM Octane and pushed on. also not overdoing it on the down hills but my Geax tiers gave me extra confidence I new that if I have these bad boys on there is nothing that will stand in my way. Brick wall bring it on. In to T2 and out on to the last run.


Felt really good on the second run as well. I just kept it steady and to made sure to take the win. This is me coming in to the finishing shoot putting up the finger and a big smile!!! Once again Chris Hitchcock catching all the cool shots!


This was a big moment of joy when I took up the banner!!! Praise the Lord for this Win with out Him I am nothing!!!


The top 3 men and times:
Theo BLIGNAUT 01:30:46
Wilhelm STEYN 01:35:57
Matt DANEEL 01:37:11

Great sprint by Matt garbing that 3rd spot!!!

Here is a slide show that i have put together.

Keep on dreaming!!!

A big thanks to all my sponsors for standing by me in hard times and kept believing in me. PVM,CycleOps,Bio-Strath,Titan,Argon18,compressport, Also Masons bike Inn making sure my bike is race ready before every race.

Till I see you again!! Keep it real, Keep it in the big blade!!! πŸ™‚


One thought on “2012 Lourensford off road Duathlon

  1. Well done Theo and Praise the Lord for keeping you under His wings, flying High. Glory to Him and Him ALONE πŸ™‚ Keep on πŸ™‚ So, so proud of you.

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