2013 Xterra Knysna

Xterra Knysna was a new one for me. Riding in the mud is something different. There where I come from (Farming with dust and wind) North West. There is nothing like this mud. But you have to give it a go! In the BIG BLADE and “Vir volk en Vaderland” Here we go!!! πŸ™‚

This xterra was different to the other xterras no swim but a very hilly 3km run followed by the bike and run.


After the first run I was sitting in the top 5 and felt strong.


In to T1 feeling good and was so keen for that bike. I knew that I was in good shape I have been working so, so hard on my biking. But the legs on the bike was not there on the day. Was going okay. I really need to be honest I didn’t had the legs I had at the Lourensfort Duathlon. But had to keep on grinding!!!! After I lost my legs somewhere along the way. I was booming down a hill and my chain bubble looped, had to take my wheel out to the it back into riding order. Lost so much time there. After that my gears got stuck in the big blade yip I was locked in the KING KONG gears for the rest of the ride!!!! Now i can claim my name ” Big Blade Blignaut” πŸ™‚


The only thing that didn’t stop working was my amazing Look S-Track MTB Pedals!!!! Really amazing in the mud!

As I kept King Konging my way to the end of the bike leg. Last decent what do you know? Back brake failed and I was putting my big foot on the back wheel to just slow down!!! Old school braking. “In case of emergency slap foot on back wheel” If that doesn’t work tug and roll!


In to T2 in 15th place and now I had to work really hard just to make it back in to the top 10!!! Must say King Kong gear has killed my legs but I did run in to 10th place.


Not happy with the race but its back to grinning and go home and work harder.

So proud of my Titan Team 29er that maid it all the way!


Yes that a Titan and PVM bottles and you can’t even see my CycleOps Joule GPS but its there and it is mud proof!!!!

Well done to everyone who raced it was not easy out there!!! Once again Stillwater Sport did a great job.

Keep well and keep it in the Big Blade!!! πŸ™‚


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