Xterra Buffelspoort 2014

The journey to Buffelspoort dam was something special, Driving up with Fanie Kok and his wife from Stellenbosch was more then just a road trip! We left Stellies at 6am on the Tuesday and arived in Pretoria on the Wednesday morning 2am. The Specialized Test the best van and trailer was maxing out at 80kmh so it was a long trip! Making the most of the trip stopping to see the sunset in the freestate after a big thunder storm.


Buffelspoort Xterra is the first big race of the year for me and if I look back I havent had the best days racing there. My first ever Xterra was in 2012 at buffelspoort when I got hear stroke and passed out over the line. So going in to this race I knew what happend and making sure it wont happen again.

Pre riding the bike course the day before the race I saw a dirfent line and went straight down!Really didn’t know how it happend. It was so fast my wheels just wiped out. I think the worst part of it was that it was only my third ride on my new Specialized S-works Epic. Maybe the stoke level was a bit high! πŸ™‚


Leading up to the race I raced Western Provence Champs the weekend before. It wasn’t a good day I have been struggling with a gut problem and very low ion. So I ended up 3rd and feeling like I was running with a back pack. While others were sprinting for the glory I was sprinting for the toilet. The doc said It will take a couple of weeks to get my ion up to were it should be. I was just hopping to feel better at buffelspoort. There was just no way I am pulling out of that race again. Some photos of the WP triathlon champs.


The morning of the race was so nice and cool not too hot there was a bit of rain coming in but all good for racing. On the start of the race as the gun went off I cut my foot on a rock and it was bleeding the hole race didn’t even feel it but after the race I was the blood on my shoe.


I really love the non wetsuit swim just it is better for the swimmers. In the end I felt so bad in the swim started cramping so I was just looking to swim with the front guys and not over do it trying to get a lead out the water. Out the water with Dan and out on to the bike I knew this was going to be a really long day but just have to keep going.


On the bike I just had one gear and that was steady as soon as I hit a hill I just blow up nothing in my body. About 10 min into the bike the Cave man came flying past me I didn’t even try to jump on his wheel. I just had to do my own race and get to the finish in one peace.

A wile Conrad past me Nico and Brad bridged the gape to me and I was riding with them for a wile till we hit the hills again I blow up. By now I was feeling really bad and was thinking about stopping and calling it a day. Then I bumped in to Conrad on the route he had a flat and had to put a tube in. I stopped at him and said take my bike I am done I am pulling out. He said no just ride the route so you know it. Waited about a 2 mins with him and we got back on and off we went. Later he got an other flat and he called it a day!


on my way to the end of the bike leg I bumped in to Brad again and we rode together. I have done the end of the route so I knew there was a steep climb and after that a crazy rocky downhill and some single track. I knew I can shack him there just have to be with him at the top. So it happened my plan worked I got away from him on the down and had a bit of a lead going in to T2. Out of t2 in 3rd but not feeling to good but I said if I can just hang in for a top 5 I will be happy. Brad did ran my down and I was felt in no mans land busy dying. I don’t think I have ever walked so much in a race in my life I was just in the box!


In the end I came in 4th and having a really bad day I am happy with a 4th. Main focus is to get health again and hit the training really hard and get ready for Grabouw.


A big well done for still water sports for putting together a great race it was hard but good fun! Cant wait for Grabouw.

It was so nice to see my sister her husband and my mom at the race supporting me all the way. Love you guys! A very special thanks to Specialized South Africa for the great support that I got from you guys. To be part of this amazing brand Is a dream come true!

This must be the first time very two people worked on my bike at the same time. Fanie and Liezel cleaning my Specialized S-Works Epic bike to display at the event. Amazing thanks guys you are the best!


My foot after the race.


My Spezialized terra Triathlon shoe. Like In always say “hoe rooier hoe mooier” Wanted to add some red to the shoe. πŸ™‚


So glad to see I am still on the wall of fame at the high performance center in Pretoria. Good to go back and see how I have grown in a year and to see friends and coaches.


After the race I said for the rest of the week in Pretoria and in JHB for our new Specialized store launches. First one up was Westrand cycles concept store. It was really amazing to be part of it and to see how professional Specialized the brand really are.


It was really nice to do morning ride with the shops and to see what there riding is all about up north. Was something different but good fun!

Road ride with complete cyclist out in the cradle. Yip I am on a MTB representing the off road on road with the roadies.


The next morning we rode with the concept store in cedar square JHB. there was some good single track in JHB was good fun riding with them. Always ending with a coffee.


Good to be back in the promise land “Stellenbosch” Now its back to grinding and getting ready for Xterra Grabouw.

Keep the stoke high!


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