Its been way to long!!!!

I know, I know its been a very long time since I have done a blog but here goes this is what have been going on in my life.

After buffelspoort xterra it was back to the promise land “Stellenbosch” as you know :-). A really hard day for me in Buffelspoort I had to get back to the drawing board and see how can I fix my health and training. I got the iron levels up but not where they need to be. I knew it was going to be a really hard race at Grabouw Xterra. I also knew that I wasn’t in the best form going in to that race so I really had to rip out the guts and telnet on the day.

It is always so nice to be part Xterra Grabouw, Stillwater sport does an amazing job with putting the xterra. In the swim i could feel that this race was going to be a very hard and long one so I just had to stay focused and keep pushing hard all the way to the end.


out the water with the front guys and out of T1 first but it didn’t take Dan long to came flying past me and he ended up winning on the day.


I rode my favorite bike in this race. the S-Works Camber, man what a bike! it think it is the perfect bike for Grabouw xterra. It is such an amazing ride. This is what I had to say about the bike and the race.


I think the word Epic says it all. This was one of my dreams to ride the Epic one day and it came true! I knew it was a hrad race but I knew how to suffer and I went in to the race with the right mind set. I was ready to suffer everyday for 8 days.


Cupcake “Cherise” and I about to start the race at Meerendal wine estate.


Supersport asking me “how are you going to handle this long race” I said Day by day. A triathlete racing the Epic!!!! 🙂


One of our best moves ” The Slingshot” One way to use my swimming training in a bike race!

Absa Cape Epic 2014 Stage 2 Robertson

One of the hardest day in the epic was stage 2 in and around Robertson. Well let’s just say Mud and rain for 100km what’s not to like. Ended up 3rd in this stage. Crossing the Brede river


This photo says it all how the day was. Was so proud of cupcake for hanging in there the hole way.


This is as on our way to win Stage 3 in the ABSA CAPE EPIC. This day will stick with me forever. I will never for get it. From the start we where so keen to get racing this was the longest stage (140km) with big open roads and 3000m of climbing so it was so important that we had to stick with a group. We got a way from the leading team and had 4min on then till about 4okm to go they got pulled back to us by a big group. Once again the race was on. As we were siting in the group I told Cupcake there is no way I am coming second today! we will win this stage! She said yeah we will! So at 5km to go there was a very steep hill, That is where we mad out move. I told Cheriese to gram on and lets go! again at the top I slingshot her in to the single track and off we went! it was one of the best feeling to come in the finish shoot and be the first mixed team! Must say after 140km of racing it was no joke was glad to be done!


After that win the stoke was very high and was so keen to get racing but bad luck hit as both the next day! Cupcake got a big asthma attack and there was no way that she could have continue the race she was forced to pull out. Have to say what a fighter she was! Will go to war with her any day!


After the Epic it was back to triathlon, prepping for SA and Africa Cross triathlon Championships. As you know the Epic can leave a nice dent it you legs. Well it did and it took my system down with it. I was sick 3 times after epic and training didn’t go to well but I know that I had good legs in me from the Epic.

SA champs was at Bufflefpoort so it was so great to see my family again. Now that I spend more time in Stellenbosch I don’t get to see them often.



It is always good to go check the course out some days before the race to check out some lines and save some seconds.

IMG-20140509-00032 - Copy

This is what happens when you spend a lot of time with the “CAVE MAN” Conrad Stolz you start to see lines you would have never seen before. So yip that line was the better one nice jump too! I just had to keep the stoke high on this bike route.

IMG-20140510-00038 - Copy

Out the water first and as I got up I cramped in both legs so I knew it was going to be a long day.


Out on the bike I knew this is were I really need to push it I had the Epic in my legs to ride on! Oh yeah so i did after the first lap i had 4 min lead. The funny thing was that my power wasnt event that high that my Powertap was showing it showed that my body was down. But it was shut up legs and keep going!


On the run I just had to hang in I knew i had some time to play around with. But had to keep running on faith and keep pushing. Was cramping like crazy and not feeling good. This is were guts and talent came in. I held on for the win and was happy to add another SA champion title to my name. Was also my first African tile. Yes I am very pleased with that! Now its world champs baby!


A week after the champs back in Stellenbosch there was a short race called the Liberty Duo Challenge 20km MTB with a lot of climbing then a fast 8km trail run! Was happy to hit the top spot again!


A action shot that of me hitting the MTB trails in Stellenbosch on my S-Works epic! What a bike!

For now its rise and grind for world champs!

Till I blog again Keep it in the BIG blade!


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