Momentum Health Oatwell DUAL CROSS #3

It has been crazy since I got back form the race. Moving in to a new place and training for the Enduronam; the long stuff has been killing me but starting to feel good now.

The 3rd round of the Momentum Health Oatwell DUAL CROSS kicked off just out side Pretoria. A really flat and fast venue, a so called big man’s course. When it’s flat sometimes people think it’s going to be easy. They are thinking wrong. It’s full gas from the start! S-Works Epic renegade tyres, yes, it’s Strava time.


Setting up my Wit Blitz. Specialized S-Works Epic World Cup. We really got to know each other so well over the last few months. Its such a fast and comfortable bike. Oh yeah that’s right, that’s Neon yellow Supacaz silicon grips.


Nice and strong field here at the 3rd round of the series. Even my good training buddy from Stellenbosch came to race. Antonie runs like a vlak haas!


The first run was super fast and Brand came in at 15 min so that’s not messing around at all! I lost 1:15 on the first run. I had no more speed but I knew when I got on to that bike I was going to fly.


No photos of us on the bike, the photographers said we where way to fast. Gopro guys that’s all I am saying. 🙂


At about 10km to go I had a side wall cut so you know what that means! Long walk or tube. I took a chance and plugged it, said a loud prayer, AMEN! Off I went and it held up all the way to the end of the bike leg.


That second run was so hard. Giving it my all on the bike after that flat I knew I just had to push it.


Was happy that was over as you can see from my face, that was fun lets do that again!


All smile after a great race. Thanks Team Jeep once again, you guys rock!


Brand giving his age away with his boy on his hip. “Ballie Krag” very well done to the guys on the podium you guys did not make it easy for me out there! But it’s always great racing you guys. Until next time.


Having a Crafty with that Vlakhaas himself. Antonie jou Legend!


After the race we Braai! Great to spend time with my family; always fun and entertaining. Here is JP my brother in law singing to my sister. It was also my mom’s birthday the next day so was great to celebrate with her. Love you loads mom, you are my Hero!


The next day its was back on the grind in the pool for 5km swim set!


So this is my new place! The view from my bedroom window. Not bad hey?

Its been real!

Until I blog again, keep it in the big blade.


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