2015 Xterra Grabouw

Xerra Grabouw must be one of the best if not the best Xterra in the world.  If there is a race to win this is it,  I have dreamed of winning Grabouw after my first race as a xterra rookie back in 2012.  The last months have been really good. Training has been going  really well.  I really do have great people around me helping me to make this happen. The support is just unreal.

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The last months I have been training really well on the xterra course and I knew it so well.  I new what the time must be when I get to some points in order for me not to blow up and over cook it.  Race plan was to swim hard and make my gap so that I don’t have to go too hard up the frist big hill.  Well lets just say the race plan didn’t work out….. 🙂


I went out really fast in the swim just to make sure no one jumps on my feet.  I got away really easy and was solo for a long time.  I followed the girl on the paddle board assuming she will point me in the right way to me.  Never follow the gril on the paddle board. 🙂 I think I swam about 200m extra.  I was really bleak when I saw that I have swam so wrong and didn’t have the lead that I was hoping for.  Plan 1 out the window. Improvise!


Onto the bike and what do you know FedEx didn’t make it in time with my legs.  Man my legs was broken and dead. I really had nothing to give.  I really don’t know why that happen but one has to keep going.  I made it up the first climb and lost some time to the other was in 4th.  I count even push the flats and thats normal my strongest part of the bike leg.  I am not called  Big Blade Blignaut for nothing. 🙂


The only hope I had on the bike was the downhills.  I knew the route so well and had all my lines dialled in. I had to hook it.  But for some reason I wasn’t smooth at all.  I got so upset with myself.  After a while I just told my self just stay calm and keep going.  I started to ride bit better but still had no legs.


There was really some sick trails and loved it really so much.  Even having a bad day I still had fun.  Hitting it hard in the single track.


Once I got off the bike I really felt good,  Started running and legs was good.  I said to myself I am going to run my heart out.  I had to finish in the top 3 South Africans to get my slot to World champs.  I just said to mysfel there is no way I am missing out on that.  Antonie had 30sec on my out of T2.  I knew Antonie  is one of the fastest runners in out sport.  I saw that I was closing the cap to him so I knew I was running well.  Once I bribed the gap to Antonie it was race on and we ran together for the next 7km.  We dropped one another a cupple of times and we just couldn’t break one another.


Then I knew its time to give it all.  I ran so hard down the hill and passed Antonie then I had a small gap, I kept on running super hard till we hit the first beach section,  I looked into the distance and saw there was Roger the 2014 U23 ITU Cross Triathlon World Champion.  Some how I found another gear and kept on pushing hard.  I saw that the gap was closing.


What a shot, Chopper struggling to keep up 🙂 #DirtyFast I really wanted that top 3.  Also after a really bad start to my race how I came back in to the race.  When it was 1.5km to go I had to close 50 seconds.  I had to fight  as hard as I could.  As I got closer and closer I saw that I was going to run out of road.  I ran hard up the finsh shoot and there I saw Roger just 15seconds in front of me.




This was me telling him he was lucky, then a big congrats for the 3rd.


This photo says it all, Man look at my face I never seen it like that. It just showed how hard I really pushed on the run.  I was really bleak about 4th.  Man 4th sucks!!! 🙂 BUT a big but, I am really proud that I didn’t give up and get going all the way to the end.  On a race that didn’t go as planned I was really happy to make it happen even when nothing is working out.  Got my slot to world champs and super stoked.

Xterra Grabouw will always be a great and special event one day I will win this event and I can’t wait for that day.

Now the racing kicks off and will be doing some travailing.

Will make my racing calendar public soon.

Till I blog again Keep it in the big blade.



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