2015 Get Muddy Off Road International Triathlon Mauritius Bois Cheri

Racing the Get Muddy off-road international triathlon in Mauritius was an unbelievable experience. I have raced in Mauritius before, but always on the coast. This time it was in Bois Cheri at the tea estate, promising a real jungle experience.


Tim and Marie Cartwright did a great job putting the event together, and the passion they have for the sport is just amazing. We stared off with the 1500 m lake swim, comprising three 500m laps.


The swim was a super fast with my Orca RS1 skin suit.  Was a nice hilly long run up to T1.  When I ran out to T1 I saw that I really have a good lead to the brit Sam Gardner.  I knew he is a really hot shot mountain biker so I had my work cut out for me.


As always I have a really fast transitions thanks to ITU racing I am in and out of there in no time.   Around the first corner it was flat out foot out!!! Real wild boy style.

IMG_4701Flat out foot out!!!!                           IMG_4702

I push hard on the first part of the bike course. Noticing that I had a bit of a gap, I just kept a good tempo. I wanted to reserve some energy for XTerra Reunion and Xterra Langkawi, coming up in the next 2 weeks. The bike route was really cool and covered some cool single track sections in the tea plantations. It was really wet but all was good, with some serious sliding around corners, but what’s not to like!

Out on to the run I had no idea what my lead was so I just kept on hooking it all the way to the end.  this run was crazy a real jungle run.  This run course was a first for me.


From open grass lands we went in to the jungle and the real running started well sliding that was.  I did lose my shoe every now and then from all the mud.


after the first lap I saw I had a big lead so I just took it easy all the way to the end.  I really had a lot of fun on this course as the run was the best part for me. I was like a real kid again.


This section of the run course was crazy.  I had to pull myself up with the fence it was so muddy I really needed some Rugby boots to find girl in the mud.  This was a real off road triathlon!!!!


On my way to my first international victory as you can see I am a really happy boy.


Sam and I with Tim the race organiser.  Thanks Tim and Marie for all the great work you put in to make this event happened.  A big thanks to all my sponsors for all the support with out you this won’t be possble.  Now it was great pack and move on to Reunion the next weekend for Xterra Reunion.  Its been real Maurituis See you soon again.

Keep it in the big blade


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